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Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1 By Khushal Agrawal

  • Mass Transfer-I - MT1
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Khushal Agrawal
Khushal Agrawal
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Text from page-1

M'tufu ].^lt O,t, tq T*4+r*, tlr -k one, *, r"" " +-r, yU*"fro ,r*tl"rz ao')'b'n, t-o*h T}.* drilvlt {*" * Tt- 4 :- -:, r-) ruzcin )*rt7frn-6i ltrb * fl or t""* . tt^. hrl? ot-o" J do.r."rn ewJq( pc"hJ prera-Jo dtfi,k*p J,11, Nry-hJ+1Jd Al4 oh,n",! p.k lb,( W"anrar'r,+ r, rLr-r- ,"ral,Atre&0,." 'qs.'r>! as"ogAt* et', o"lrf oil- c^ Can.^ )'tbttr,,li+ + ,oitan phor>n- t *^,"\ fhi es,lc" o{,+?. },!^r- .4;,tWyU A?fy:rr^,'r> pt +o q,stlrrr- in o cru. ar!^ Tvrn_ 4-ra,,,4-rr -r 4 *r^^ trn,lri * &!+dr* a, sfrcim t..l.ro pla"o- in q &**bv$a3ruh, "ro$u*. t14/r4*b /rroh,le^,f frrr^, a fi*n ab/ir"rb., He*a/et{. .lt,rr* U Jt//-*,; i itnltzb,r'lntar4$&@- t+ rha- I f*!tU" r & rru*tonL y,aicrmscarotc &f[,-r^^ ot-s+r"tea tz.l*, ptrc* \n q h,tl.brLrrl: wtoAiourlH,vtn Y1"-L ,&"d.ral.isrn ia lxr.^o^l h o,11 +*rLrfit* I, GT &ffu,rion. 4 $,.*grp!i?t ? - . 'r,,t- )) Cr C- "rt .a ---t ::l :q !l .,:I I 1 .l I :l€1 .'t I f, ) Q -) rnau lu I It A ol1- *? -, l4ui;u lra -:gnr*'' o1,l- r "- L anlr-.I...n., 1r r i1^e-.'ttusFrrey:.in f'tlsir^r. conclnfinh's.n =) +DiJ mo {AeL l,E.;:-.*,.T1 y'.1,1i!;ti.ii t- i't*.L#;j r , -:,.i; 3 j ' '"'.,[*::,S rCynrrrrlrt c ? - 1\ foci* i\ '"\r(.1*r $.r'";r- 9L =\ rr*o *r,*onrofio,n { .) j.*-t y\A,D ?i. r-n"+-TF- y1^, 6f tt-{-iLsfr{.{e, .c-onconlro.tr- <f .t f rr rrt iv/ra L'Y/m5) Llra/mZ) Adu,hon turut t4D L4;+ Z t_ r*; -- ,,f,1, f,##-pt t-(bWr# -t^*-' j \ ?hL A,ol,, lK*w\/-t fr,,, sfseoiv, l\^rrLdf LK*!, ivr &*t* dr ?w rt* syz or'tn'h^,. "A;k; =f; =-l zLr =f ..

Text from page-2

h ,l - s"I {bhf piul>^r?'c. st I. s: 1.. ,fug'€' I z Uvtrt- = Si Z]rur 2 €E 9i,e el €i ;: q-- Uv,e*r-veloalg { itt ffsf'eo- h/s eE €E E .n i,:v .:t 'i- ,tl61laLoy+.Viilodb -7l-'-<----- -- = fi CU ) @E l) z {xi ut U- ?c'aizLi ei-t' €) ,r^ E.,, Fltrx'. - , €t l.: €i. Si ;. t+ t,ah al. r^:l'dch on spacioo \n a ,:rrtJ'ot' ?au*a 'u l4rfrn^"-[ l,. th"- &"c.h S'" + thEufll^ uldl^ a;; , tolucl^ t', Ttra,, d,.-fi*Hi,.,t, ' ito uruF $q lr*z. /*s , €i . k'^stf^" s ",'+::.- &"t- ,, Mbo t{". J4an Pqt :- LA!t^^k-t \ a".[,t U11o^- ) lno/'D . l&^r,a Dth +r^r.+ tt^.itl sfr^ie^ a-3' wlocrq ' it= Ma,- C;?in", l.*\"^J ^,Vlr tui-u ==_ kq/rntts, 8i ) . t. r ia E kl I, eE t^)T'L crn .dos ewt,-*n\ €3 I !.- EHE (}F; , I,: li: €) i.: _- i:l noEi h: "i""t [tri* t,t ; z 5i z- I(8 /rntS ll i: @E @F 6i:] niut4,'l'r{]*'*4-ry'fosfllrP'r^r't'l-a',b}a}iY"tolpcen'ea' z lh Lui - of-r &,,..oka oloserwrc ip atc.fi'oruz-trJ. Ir = l, lr €t H!:i -' r on drsen^}L' ) ik{" vrec-te/)..'*'''o rno\Pi. %' wfoutl ' @H s EH c.,l s F lr. ;ff *!l E

Text from page-3

4"1{Ll,".:- q Ler}^o+ad c-piLl 14fr,A i z (i _(,.,i _ _o-) ar z CrCLti-u) Xi z Ct (.ut-U) N _ -1i LiLQi-u ) z1L = Lci Lui -u) = ZCtui- ZGI) ezuut c LO - CU = Z-Ji = a * 'fir- /o/*,{ W-& obsenn*.,,^;?Z;i 6/ c"l,( ttu spt<;a, *UrpW "/gxt,hn -vf a+ ! b av' i ti o r- {itQu-u) Li = -q t \^f ZLi z = \!., zliQi r^i ,gil s-m-- a4q -,-'\ u_/ z tu-fq -.--_---zL:r=ol tC'zO E' f i' I i i * E i; f . ' [, i,i ?/y\, , ot?,,tn-r^:ise +-t^* rctf naF b* z*xo . L'+i Lzo 5 f1 +[zo Nr +Nz*o :

Text from page-4

Trw- y14o Urc t^:ilh rGtA'. X"roJienl- + 4-t^ * of o e r*vb' ern dlo.s oiw)L rnor,i,nq ra^ f *rc.*ta Pe-Porholna-q b m^n6 Stz-,ciez) \^elodlq u 0J "-, tl,.i- conu.nh*lion 6l- tt^al- s3eitl. Jnd $ s s # Ternsve tt & p r"'poht'r*lik , FLr^ t *" c.a"olanl.Jtfr.tvtt,.. ^>e gi. frgportl,"al;15 h,urat b& inl-rod.ucrc], tohida'o lxrtnrnoo : f .lrl+""fuib ,tt@-.^lt,&noLd - rr --tt ---tl ,----l brre \, "rtB fr,r* [t/, (^ b.ho,,j '.Jrl,,rvJ e 3i qr q rdulurrc rn^rlh'.-nnpurur^f i.i"frr.. TIn crrll n11 ; t \ {-. uD l4s'^, tooil &pl,eieo \ AtW in rt-^ adr^ltoo t c;v 4* o @ bnary |d"fu; t{,r^, <arr\ A df\rr* ih^tc B. @ ilI"e -. \ i rq.=-bns# dL 1ilffii;qrl'rt : 'i'12ldd[fu;;;'&iili***e i . i ) I tU- I &a\a'ht* i+ &lt-r'ov\ -vt- $tg,rn rrqJxar.nh c,o,colh*h* k {aj j; :i ',1 .i h^*l* "Y& hnz,s Fnsx t*,I - tt*, 4 rnn^ I iD &hr"r; {ar rdran ^lLn porh*al ^^^,Lr;I ^0.r.\-l,.a- f*fl^r gia&-+ l(1 <\z't i. e,q F' _>..r r:;] {J _k |. *t* i i SI Oi "r'" .l@-"t<t4s ?n-= -! k1 3" {Ce dL * {gI elz | AE! O, Lu= 3 @ Juonut = 3m&,^l rr3 i: ! 4 bo& corrccnh'e.Iio^ J fl"n,x ML/S l, t^ri}h}i.kt o" 3 i

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