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Note for Engineering Mathematics 1 - EM1 By Himanshu Soni

  • Engineering Mathematics 1 - EM1
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Himanshu Soni
Himanshu Soni
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A Text Book of ENGIEERING MATHEMATICS VOLUME-I Dr. Rajesh Pandey MSc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor/Reader Department of Mathematics Sherwood College of Engineering, Research and Technology Lucknow, Faizabad Road, Barabanki (U.P.) Lucknow

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Published by word-press Khushnuma Complex Basement 7, Meerabai Marg (Behind Jawahar Bhawan) Lucknow 226 001 V.P. (INDIA) Tel.:91-522-2209542,2209543,2209544,2209545 Fax: 0522-4045308 E-Mail: word-press@hotmail.com First Edition 2010 ISBN 978-93-80257-03-7 ©Publisher All Rights Reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Composed & Designed at: Panacea Computers 3rd Floor, Agrawal Sabha Bhawan Subhash Mohal, Sadar Cantt. Lucknow-226 002 Tel.:0522-2483312,9335927082,9452295008 E-mail: prasgupt@rediffmail.com Printed at: Salasar Imaging Systems C-7/5, Lawrence Road Industrial Area Delhi -110035 Tel.:011-27185653,9810064311

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Basic Results and Concepts I. GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Greek Letters Used e theta a alpha K kappa ~ beta ~ phi /-l mu vnu y gamma \jf psi (5 delta 7t pi Sxi E epsilon TJ eta P rho i iota cr sigma l; zeta A lambda 2. Some Notations E belot1.gs to uunion n intersection => implies <=> implies and implied by tau X chi (0 omega r cap. gamma Ll caE- delta L cap. sigma "C ~ I doesnot belong to such that 3. Unit Prefixes Used Prefixes Symbols Multiples and Submultiples kilo k 103 h hecto 102 deca da 10 10- 1 deci* d 2 10centi* c 10- 3 milli m 10- 6 micro J.l * The prefixes 'dedI and 'centi' are only used with the metre, e.g., Centimeter is a recognized unit of length but Centigram is not a recognized unit of mass. 4. Useful Data loge 3 = 1.0986 loge2 = 0.6931 e = 2.7183 lie = 0.3679 logH)e = 0.4343 loge10 = 2.3026 7t = 3.1416 1/7t = 0.3183 10 = 0.0174 rad. 1 rad. = 57°17'45" J2 = 1.4142 J3 = 1.732 viii iii

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