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Note for Real Time Systems - RTS By Prakash Poudel

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Jobs and Processors Job  Each unit of work scheduled or executed by system  Set of related jobs  Task  Computation of control law is a job.  FFT, Transmission of packet, retrieval of file etc. Prepared by: Er. Prakash Poudel Jigyasu 1

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Jobs and Processors Job(cont:)  Executed by OS  Needs some resource to execute Ex: CPU, Disk, network etc.  Resources are called Servers in Queuing theory Also called as resource processor in RTS Prepared by: Er. Prakash Poudel Jigyasu 2

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Processor  A processor is an active component on which the jobs are scheduled.  Speed Determines the rate of progress of a job  Same Processor=functionally identical  can be used interchangeably Execution Time  Time required to complete the execution of the job  Depends upon: complexity of job, resources, speed of processor Prepared by: Er. Prakash Poudel Jigyasu 3

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Processors and Resources • Processors: Pi – active – has speed attribute – usually CPU, could also be DSP, GP, etc. • Resources: R i – passive – does not have speed – accessible by only one job at a time – could be lock Prepared by: Er. Prakash Poudel Jigyasu 4

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