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Note for Computer Graphics - CG By Vj singh

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Computer Graphics Chapter 3 Graphics Output Primitives Andreas Savva

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Basic Raster Algorithms for 2D Primitives Description of pictures Specified by a set of intensities for the pixel positions. Describe it as a set of complex objects, such as trees, furniture and walls, positioned at specific coordinate locations within the scene. Graphics programming packages provide functions to describe a scene in terms of basic geometric structures referred to as output primitives. • • • • • • • Points Straight lines Circles Splines curves and surfaces Polygon color areas Character strings Etc. 2

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Implementing Application programs Description of objects in terms of primitives and attributes and converts them to the pixels on the screen. Primitives – what is to be generated Attributes – how primitives are to be generated 3

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(0,0) Points CRT (maxx,maxy) The electron beam is turned on to illuminate the phosphor at the selected location (x, y) where 0 ≤ x ≤ maxx 0 ≤ y ≤ maxy  setpixel(x, y, intensity) – loads an intensity value into the frame-buffer at (x, y).  getpixel(x, y) – retrieves the current frame-buffer intensity setting at position (x, y). 4

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