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Note for Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1 by Hemant Gulati

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Transportation Meaning The process of moving an item from point A to point B. Definition Safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable movement of persons and goods over time and space.

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Importance of Transportation • Transportation contributes to the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of any country. • Every commodity produced needs transport at all stages from production to distribution. - In production stage, transportation is required for carrying raw materials like seeds, coal, steel etc. - In distribution stage, transportation is required from the production centres to the marketing centre and later to the retailers and consumers. The adequacy of transportation system of a country indicates its economic and social development.

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Economic Activity and Transport Economic activties are the processes by means of which the products are utilized to satisfy human wants. Two important factors well known in economic activity are: i.) Production or Supply. ii.) Consumption for human wants or demands. • It may be said that the increased productivity and its efficient transportation can lower the cost of the products. • The transportation cost is always an influencing factor on consumer price of commodities.

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Social Effects of Transportation Population usually settled along the sides of main transportation routes, which is known as ribbon development. In present concept of transportation network, this kind of ribbon development is greatly discouraged. Attempts are being made to decentralize the population centres away from the sides of main transportation routes. Thus town planning patterns are rapidly changing. The various social effects of transportation may be written as below: a.) Sectionalism and Transportation. b.) Cocentration of population into urban area. c.) Aspect of safety, law and order.

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