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Note for Power System-1 - PS-1 By Adisu Teshale

  • Power System-1 - PS-1
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Introduction to Power System Course (PCE-3202 ) Lecture - 1: Introduction to Power System By: Adisu Teshale (MSc.) Department of Electrical Power and Control Engineering Adama Science and Technology university Adama, Ethiopia E-mail: aditeshfun2007@astu.edu.et Updated on March, 2018

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Three phase system Adisu Teshale

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Introduction • Three phase system, It is also called poly phase system. • Three-phase generators are similar to single phase generator in which the winding is wound in three sets of windings and produce three AC voltages. • Since the three set of windings are placed 120° apart, hence the voltages are three identical sinusoidal voltages 120° apart.

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