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Note for Power System Analysis - PSA by Adisu Teshale

  • Power System Analysis - PSA
  • Note
  • Adama Science and Technology University - ASTU
  • Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech
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FAULT ANALYSIS BY: ADISU T. A Department of Electrical power and Control Engineering Adama Science and technology university Email: aditeshfun2007@astu.edu.et 2017

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OUT LINES ❑ Why fault Analysis ❑ How fault Occurs ❑ Fault current in synchronous machine ❑ Types of faults

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Objectives: Why Fault analysis? ⚫ Goal of fault analysis is to determine the magnitudes of the currents present during the fault: – To determine the maximum current that devices can withstand during fault. –To determine the maximum current the protective devices CB (circuit breakers, relays …) need to interrupt to correctly size the CBs. Relays

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Introduction • The electrical power system normally operates in a balanced three-phase sinusoidal steady-state mode. • However, there are certain situations that can cause unbalanced (abnormal) operations. • Therefore protective devices should isolate faults at a given location safely, with minimal damage.

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