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Note for Distributed Computing - DC by Vj singh

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CHAPTER 3: CONCURRENT PROCESSES AND PROGRAMMING Chapter outline • Thread implementations • Process models • The client/server model • Time services • Language constructs for synchronization • Concurrent programming systems 1

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Processes and threads • Processes: separate logical address space • Threads: common logical address space Major Issues • Process/thread creation • Light weight context switching • Blocking and scheduling 2

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Two-level concurrency of processes and threads Native Computer System TCB TCB TCB thread thread thread Single thread process TCB thread TCB PCB thread TCB thread PCB thread PCB Multiple thread processes Thread run-time library support Native operating system Thread applications (a) Terminal server (b) File server thread thread Identical static threads thread read requests write buffer thread main (c) Client Dynamic threads with dispatcher 3 thread Concurrent and asynchronous requests

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Thread implementations • User space: simple but non-preemptable • Kernel space: efficient but not portable Solaris thread implementation Heavy-weight process Heavy-weight process User space threads LWP LWP LWP LWP Light-weight processes Kernel space threads multiple processor system 4

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