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Note for Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME By venkatesh M

  • Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME
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Venkatesh M
Venkatesh M
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2018 SAI VIDYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Venkatesha M, SRF, Department of ECE MICROWAVE & ANTENNAS (15EC71) VII SEMESTER ECE MODULE-4 MODULE 4 SYLLABUS (a) Point Sources and Arrays: Introduction, Point Sources, Power Patterns, Power Theorem, Radiation Intensity, Field Patterns, Phase Patterns, Arrays of Two Isotropic Point Sources, Pattern Multiplication, Linear Arrays of n Isotropic Point Sources of equal Amplitude and Spacing. (b) Electric Dipoles: Introduction, Short Electric Dipole, Fields of a Short Dipole, Radiation Resistance of a Short Dipole, Radiation Resistances of Lambda/2 Antenna, , Thin Linear Antenna (Field Analyses). BT Levels: L1, L2, L3, L4

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Text from page-3

to*f L> T. /J^-&L ML NJ,JKL Ar&wyr, SA.,^)r.(" i-t IN,^* $t*Al rr" wtbi.L t,*&^twy a u-t o, d) ar t&vafic t. w "gtalf,-ld1u t#r,il- uy\jcl" oJ y f* l),u J "U; 'i - &b ttaA: ,t i w u,qiun-y-ttr *-{ d rti"* f ,,tru tj,q !t-,/.--L;* tll U-o-ur{,to # 01 -Ltno Lutu#rrtd,, _r * oll-""^* r tg iw l rd,tuffiX 1,8 g:T 0.-+t&*^ J Sn Vu *..1iqf y\"rtry I Jut lqr \itiir l, U{"d.4 g-v\ frtj- IJ I LL qr,.L ,1 f:.u.x$ o+ futtJ"t* {." &**4 ei *+ it GuuL a"f L$"ttt yi1 ff*.{,L a-otd- t.L- Pt, LLqXL Y\&"+ Sr= f+ vu^fx u,t 4nrY nnl w L C*il**,fi y i 6e;t* rL [eto: {-**ti"" f a*.qls i4l w-- f*te.p1 =^{2x &n =_ f + t*r 1u' ,ii.i^.'i', u. ,-Lr, t1 L f ? L&L*LD1-1 f-eq'i-t 2 t L tr!s, Ss.rrua i"[ L(b =D "r;1

Text from page-4

dill-&?'* flT Ll ,+ i^*LL+aff ,r_r&,, xr , f,)^u ]l^A: -td^ tL-' 5 tlrna ? o b ---+n =Jl ," \ ,/e ,+ Sa.rli,t f - ;) ,t-e*_u*y;c t f$uJ_ tlllre /L+ultto_ f. e Q<atr .A -@ *9-a &+ u*uil1 faf ogo<n L I"trr e- cs,$J &-+ ln----4- , -u'r^ = L Vwo,r, eyvl T 0", -{L+-- f et ( n: &.o b=o JJ = sr'-e rn tr o--o J td4 J SJ"BJ* .{,'a+ 0,'o -rLq-= [-c'"r]" f d)o" 0$o D= qtf 4r ,%' ,D = !- Th;^ I : uJ**+-u+ iJ -+ Ce,rfi drru^L !-t-r!*u^^tt- /.-*--:- a-1.I"-*,l^n" L r*\?*t-t r':' n 14/ 1l^- #r,,*ir y* ffi,,& Suru, t : ,Pt,aoti,.1"6* t ,,r*ut '.h, W* '+ e^i* p ufl_uuu o<s<Tl , LL= ) Uj,Lo.J.i L auLe"**) 3 s:Qt &r 6- f+t^X o J.t 6-orrr{rt - u-sith

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