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Note for Database Engineering - DE by sidhartha sahu

  • Database Engineering - DE
  • Note
  • College - NIST
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Sidhartha Sahu
Sidhartha Sahu
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DATABASE • Database : collecton of related data with an implicit meaning is a database. • Data : known facts that can be recorded and that have implicit meaning. For example, consider the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of the people you know. • DBMS : database management system is a collecton of programs that enables users to create and maintain a database. The DBMS is a general-purpose softare system that facilitates the processes of defining, constructng, manipulatng, and sharing databases 1 among various users and applicatons. 02/10/2018

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A database has the following propertes: • A database represents some aspect of the real world, sometmes called the miniworld or the universe of discourse (UoD). Changes to the miniworld are refected in the database. • A database is a logically coherent collecton of data with some inherent meaning. A random assortment of data cannot correctly be referred to as a database. • A database is designed, built, and populated with data for a specifc purpose. • It has an intended group of users and some preconceived applicatons in which these users are interested. 02/10/2018 2

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DBMS facilites or functons: • Defning a database involves specifying the data types, structures, and constraints of the data to be stored in the database. • Constructng the database is the process of storing the data on some storage medium that is controlled by the DBMS. • Manipulatng a database includes functons such as querying the database to retrieve specifc data, updatng the database to refect changes in the miniworld, and generatng reports from the data. • Sharing a database allows multple users and programs to access the database simultaneously. • Protecton includes system protecton against hardware or software malfuncton (or crashes) and security protecton against unauthorized or malicious access. 02/10/2018 3

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Meta-data: A fundamental characteristc of the database approach is that the database system contains not only the database itself but also a complete defniton or descripton of the database structure and constraints. This defniton is stored in the DBMS catalog, which contains informaton such as the structure of each fle, the type and storage format of each data item, and various constraints on the data. The informaton stored in the catalog is called meta-data, and it describes the structure of the primary database 02/10/2018 4

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