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Note for Machine Tools - MT By Pradeep Kumar

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MACHINE TOOLS Assoc.Prof. Orhan ÇAKIR Assist.Prof. Mihrigül Ekşi ALTAN 1

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Course Objective † Having knowledge about machine tools industry. Defining optimal and economical machine tools selection criteria according to machining process. † Designing of driving systems and mechanism in machine tools according to machine tool construction. † Choosing proper machine tool and equipments according to machining quality. Having knowledge about machine tools and their operation areas. 2

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Course Content † Driving systems and construction of machine tools, power and efficiency in machine tools, design principles of machine tools, turning machines, milling machines, sawing machines, drilling machines, broaching machines, grinding machines, gear cutter machines, super finish machines. 3

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Recommended Books † In English, - Machine tools : design, reliability and safety S.P.Anderson, New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2011 -Handbook of machine tools, Manfred Weck, New York : Wiley, c1984 (Volume 1,2,3,4) † In Turkish - Talaş Kaldırma Bilimi ve Teknolojisi CNC Takım Tezgahları ve Üretim Otomasyonu, Mustafa AKKURT, Birsen Yayınevi, 2009 - Takım Tezgahları Tasarımı, Faruk MENDİ, Gazi Kitapevi, 1999 - Takım Tezgahları, H. Oktay BODUR, Birsen Yayınevi, 1984 - Takım Tezgahları, Faruk AKÜN, İTÜ Yayınları, 1973-1978, Cilt 1 ve 2 4

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