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Note for Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1 By Alka Patil

  • Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1
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SUBJECT :structural Analysis - 1 TOPIC :-

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1. Bhatti Anisahmed A. 130853106003 2. Jethwa Kashyapsinh M. 130853106005 3. Keshariya Mitesh D. 130853106007 4. Patel Ashish C. 130853106010 5. Ramjiyani Dhaval J. 130853106013

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(A). Column :Axial load : When load is acting along the longitudinal axis of column. It produces compressive stress in column. Eccentric load : A load whose line of action does not coincide with the axis of a column. It produces direct and bending stress in column. Eccentricity (e) : The horizontal distance between the longitudinal axis of column and line of action of load. In axially loaded column e = 0

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