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Note for Operating Systems - OS By Pallavi Sawant

  • Operating Systems - OS
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Pallavi Sawant
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Operating System Prof.P.M.Sawant

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Operating system Concepts • Process- Program in execution • File-Long term storage • System call-interface to the services • The command interpreter-provides command line interface • Signals-to notify a process that a particular event has occurred

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System call • System call provides an interface to the operating system services • System calls are how user space programs interact with the kernel. • Each and every system call has a system call number which is known by both the user space and the kernel. • For example, both know that system call number 10 is open(), system call number 11 is read(), etc.

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Standard C Library Example • C program invoking printf() library call, which calls write() system call 3/7/2019 4

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