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Note for Power System Analysis - PSA by BILAL ARIF

  • Power System Analysis - PSA
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Power System Analysis and Design Lab Lab 1 Name: _______________________ ID: ____________________ Date: ____/____/_______ Experiment # 1: Introduction to π’π’π¦ππ¨π°πžπ«π’π²π¬π­πžπ¦π¬ 𝑇𝑀 Block of MATLAB (CLO 1, PLO 1,5) Objectives: β€’ β€’ To explore the SimPowersystems libraries of the MATLAB. To learn how to build and simulate a simple circuit from the powerlib the library. Introduction: SimPowerSystems 𝑇𝑀 provides component libraries and analysis tools for modeling and simulating electrical power systems. The libraries offer models of electrical power components, including three-phase machines, electric drives, and components for applications such as flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) and renewable energy systems. Harmonic analysis calculation of total harmonic distortion (THD), load flow, and other key electrical power system analysis are automated. SimPowerSystems libraries contain two top-level block libraries, representing two different technologies. Simscape Components Library The SimPowerSystems Simscape Component library contains Simscape blocks specifically developed for working with multiphase electrical domains. In addition to the Simscape Foundation domains, the product contains a three-phase electrical domain and you can use this domain to develop your own custom three-phase blocks with Simscape language. The main Simscape components library is called pe_lib. It contains Simscape blocks with three-phase and single-phase electrical ports, as well as mechanical rotational and translational ports. These blocks are organized into sublibraries according to their function. You can connect these blocks directly to other Simscape blocks, from the Foundation library or from the other add-on products. Simscape components also provides three-phase electrical connection ports, which you can individually expand into separate phases as needed. By default, these three-phase ports are collapsed, to support single-line diagrams. Specialized Technology Library: The SimPowerSystems specialized Technology library contains models of typical power equipment such as transformers, lines, machines and power electronics. The main specialized 1

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Power System Analysis and Design Lab Lab 1 technology library is called powerlib. It contains sublibraries of blocks, organized according to their behavior, as well as the Powergui block that opens a graphical user interface for the steadystate analysis of electrical circuits. You connect Specialized Technology blocks to other Simscape elements ultimately through Simulink signals. The Specialized Technology software provides a variety of simulation methods (continuous, discrete, phasor) and analysis tools. You can add mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other components to the model using Simscape and test them together in a single simulation environment. Using the Powergui Block to Simulate SimPowerSystems Models The powergui block is necessary for simulation of any Simulink model containing SimPowerSystems blocks. It is used to store the equivalent Simulink circuit that represents the state-space equations of the SimPowerSystems blocks. 2

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Power System Analysis and Design Lab Lab 1 To specify the simulation type, parameters, and preferences, select Configure parameters in the Powergui dialog box. This selection opens another dialog box with the Powergui block parameters. This dialog box contains three tabs, Solver, Load Flow, and Preferences. β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ The Powergui block allows you to choose one of the following methods to solve your circuit. Continuous, to perform a continuous solution of the model. Ideal switching continuous Discretization of the electrical system for a solution at fixed time steps Phasor solution to perform phasor simulation of the model, at the frequency specified by the Phasor frequency parameter. You must follow these rules when using this block in a model: β€’ β€’ β€’ Place the Powergui block at the top level of diagram for optimal performance. However, you can place it anywhere inside subsystems for your convenience; its functionality will not be affected. You can have a maximum of one Powergui block per model You must name the block powergui The Powergui block also gives you access to various graphical user interface (GUI) tools and functions for the steady-state analysis of SimPowerSystems models, the analysis of simulation results and for the design of advanced block parameters. Using the Simulink Library Browser to Access the Block Libraries You can access SimPowerSystems libraries through the Simulink library browser. To display the library browser, click the Simulink Library button in the MATLAB toolstrip, or click the Library Browser button in the Simulink model window. 3

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Power System Analysis and Design Lab Lab 1 Alternatively, you can type Simulink in the MATLAB Command Window. Expand the Simscape entry in the contents tree, then expand the SimPowerSystems entry. Building the Electrical Circuit with powerlib Library The graphical user interface makes use of the Simulink functionality to interconnect various electrical components. The electrical components are grouped in a library called powerlib. Consider the following single line diagram of single-phase power system to build with powerlib library. Procedure: ➒ Open the SimPowerSystems main library by entering the following command in MATLAB command window. β–ͺ powerlib ➒ This will open the library of the β€œSimPowerSystems” block set like in the figure below. 4

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