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Note for Advanced Power Electronics - APE by Mahesh M P Nair

  • Advanced Power Electronics - APE
  • Note
  • University of calicut - CCSIT
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 10 months ago
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Module -4 Resonant converters - Classification of resonant converters-basic resonant circuit concepts-load resonant converters-resonant switch convertersZVS clamped voltage – 6 hours - 15 marks 2

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Classification of resonant converters In resonant converters combination of converter topologies and switching strategies result in zero voltage and/or zero current switching. Resonant converters are classified as  Load resonant converters  Resonant-switch converters  Resonant – dc-link converters  High frequency link integral half cycle converters 3

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Shortcomings of PWM converters In PWM based switched mode converters the switches are subjected to high switching stresses leading to high switching power losses This switching losses increases linearly with the switching frequency EMI produced due to large di/dt and dv/dt caused by switched mode operation These short comings are much significant if the switching frequency is increased to reduce the weight and size of converter The aforementioned shortcomings are minimized if each switch in converter changes its status (from ON to OFF or vice versa) when the voltage across it and/or the current through it is zero at the switching instant Resonant converters – converter topologies and switching strategies which results in zero-voltage and/or zero current switching (ZVS /ZCS) 4

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