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Note for Theory Of Computation - TC By Soumya Ranjan

  • Theory Of Computation - TC
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  • Computer Science Engineering
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 To discuss the principal mathematical idea string, alphabets, and languages.

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 It is an abstract entity and that shall not be defined formally.  ex: Letters and digits.

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String: Finite sequence of symbols. Ex : TOC Length of the string: Number of symbols composing the string.  Ex: length: 3  Concatenation of string: String is formed by writing the first string followed by the second string with out any space.  Ex: string1 = TOC  String2 = KLU  Concatenation =TOCKLU   

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 Alphabets: Finite set of symbols.  ex: English alphabet = {A..Z},{a..z}.  Language: Set of strings of symbols from some one alphabets.  Directed Graph: It consists of G=(V,E) finite set of vertices and set of ordered pair of vertices (E) called arcs.  To denote a arc from v to w by v->w.

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