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Note for Basics of Mechanical Engineering - BME by Yash Yadav

  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering - BME
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Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav
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Thermodynamics of Heat Engines. • A heat engine is any device that can take energy from a warm source and convert a fraction of the heat energy to mechanical energy. Diagrammatically, a heat engine is represented as follows: Heat Source, Thot Qhot Work Output Heat Heat Engine Engine Qcold Heat Sink, Tcold W = Qhot - Qcold

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Heat Engines A steam engine is one type of heat engine.

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Thermodynamics of Heat Engines. • The thermal efficiency of any system is defined to be the ratio of the work done to the heat input: work done thermal efficiency = heat input • For any heat engine, Q hot − Q cold  Q cold   100% Eff th = = 1 − Q hot  Q hot  • A Carnot engine is an ideal heat engine. For the Carnot Engine, Qcold/Qhot = Tcold/Thot. Therefore, Thot − Tcold  Tcold   100% Eff th = = 1 − Thot Thot  

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