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Note for Basics of Mechanical Engineering - BME by Yash Yadav

  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering - BME
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Basic Mechanical Engineering & Nano Science Internal Combustion Engines – IC Engines JANGAM SASIDHAR (PhD) Assistant Professor Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

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Index 1. Engine & Heat Engine Definition 2. Classification of Engines 3. Basic Components an Engine 4. Nomenclature of an Engine 5. Woking Principle of an Engine a) Four stroke SI Engine b) Four stroke CI Engine c) Four Stroke SI Engine d) Two Stroke CI Engine 6. Comparison of SI & CI Engines 7. Comparison of 4 stroke & 2 stroke Engines 8. Engine Performance Parameters 9. Otto Cycle – Thermal Efficiency & Net Work Done 10. Diesel Cycle – Thermal Efficiency & Net Work Done 11.

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Engine - Definition An engine is a device which converts one form of energy into another form of energy most of the engines convert heat energy into mechanical work and therefore they called as heat engines. Engine - Definition Heat engine is a device which transforms the chemical energy of the fuels into thermal energy and utilises this thermal energy to perform useful work. Heat engine converts thermal energy into mechanical energy.

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Classification of Heat Engines SI / CI Engines 2 stroke Heat Engines Internal Combustion Reciprocating 4 stroke External Combustion Rotary Reciprocating Rotary SI Engines Open Cycle Gas Turbine Steam Engine Steam turbine CI Engines Wankel Sterling Engine Closes cycle gas turbine

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