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Note for Biomedical Instrumentation - BI by Gopal Mahato

  • Biomedical Instrumentation - BI
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  • Kolhan University - KU
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Gopal Mahato
Gopal Mahato
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The Heart System and measurements: The Heart; electro conduction system of the heart; the heart as a potential source; The ECG waveform; the standard lead system; The ECG Preamplifier; ECG machines.

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The Heart The heart is a very important organ in the body which acts as a pump to circulate the blood in the body. The failure of heart is the cause of many deaths. There are many techniques and instruments to measure functioning of heart and to diagnose any of its malfunctioning for treatment so as to avoid its failure. The cardiovascular system consists of heart, distribution system (arteries and arterioles), diffusing system (capillaries in contact with cells) and collecting systems (veins), The cardiovascular system is a closed hydraulic system. Blood pressure, flow and volume are measured by using engineering techniques.

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Structure of Heart

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The cardiovascular system is a complex closed hydraulic system, which performs the essential service of transportation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, numerous chemical compounds and the blood cells. Structurally, the heart is divided into right and left parts. Each part has two chambers called atrium and ventricle.

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