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Note for Power Electronics - PE by Adisu Teshale

  • Power Electronics - PE
  • Note
  • Adama Science and Technology University - ASTU
  • Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 2 months ago
Adisu Teshale
Adisu Teshale
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Power Electronics (PCE-4204) By: Adisu Teshale (MSc.) Department of Electrical Power and Control Engineering Adama Science and Technology university Adama, Ethiopia E-mail: adisu.teshale@astu.edu.et Updated on July, 2018

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Lecture – 3: AC/DC Converters

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Power electronic converters • The field of power electronics mainly deals with the conversion of power from one form to another and the change from one voltage level to another by using different power electronic converters. • The 4 main types of power electronic convertors (circuits) are:1. AC to DC (Rectifier) 2. DC to AC (Inverter) 3. DC to DC (DC-to-DC converter) 4. AC to AC (AC-to-AC converter)

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Rectifiers • A rectifier circuits are power electronic circuits that converters AC input power to DC output power. AC DC

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