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Note for E-Commerce - EC by Vivek Kumar

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Electronic Commerce Electronic Commerce, Seventh Annual Edition

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Objectives In this chapter, you will learn about: • What electronic commerce is and how it is experiencing a second wave of growth with a new focus on profitability • Why companies now concentrate on revenue models and the analysis of business processes instead of business models when they undertake electronic commerce initiatives Electronic Commerce, Seventh Annual Edition 2

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Objectives (continued) • How economic forces have created a business environment that is fostering the second wave of electronic commerce • How businesses use value chains and SWOT analysis to identify electronic commerce opportunities • The international nature of electronic commerce and the challenges that arise in engaging in electronic commerce on a global scale Electronic Commerce, Seventh Annual Edition 3

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Electronic Commerce: The Second Wave • Electronic commerce (e-commerce) – Businesses trading with other businesses and internal processes • Electronic business (e-business) – Term used interchangeably with e-commerce – The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies Electronic Commerce, Seventh Annual Edition 4

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