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Note for Project Management - PM By Aakura Pyakura

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1. Introduction

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ICT ProjectUnit Management 1

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Project • A project is a temporary venture undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result – Temporary– definite beginning and end – End– objectives have been achieved – Terminated– objectives can not be met Temporary does not apply to product, service or result created by the project • Project creates unique product, service or result although repetitive element may be present in some deliverable but it does not change fundamental uniqueness Although buildings are constructed with similar materials and same team, but each location and design is unique

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Project • • Project can create • Product, can be either a component of another item or an end item in itself • A capability to perform a service • A result such as item or document( e.g. a research project ) Some examples of project – Developing new product or service – Effecting a change in the structure, staffing, or style of an organization – Developing or acquiring a new or modified information system – Implementing a new business process or procedure

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