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Note for Automobile Engineering - AE by Vishal Agarwal

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Author Page At first I like to submit my sincere thanks to GOD, PARENTS and FRIENDS who have helped and encouraged me to prepare this entire course material for the subject of Automobile Engineering. Automobile Engineering is a vast field encompassing different types of vehicles used for transportation of people and materials. It is very difficult to cover all the aspects of automobile engineering in single notes, because vehicles are being refined and improved day by day. However an attempt is made in this course material to give the maximum possible details of fundamentals of the automobile vehicles. It is always challenging to decide whether historical notes should come before or after the description and interpretation of the state of the art. Arguing for the second alternative is the fact that readers should already have understood the motivations that drive a design decision. We begin this chapter with basis of automobile, and through by the transmissions and steering systems, going on later to describe wheels, tires and braking & suspension systems. This emphasis is solely due to the larger impact that suspensions and steering systems have on vehicle architecture and its consequent evolution; steering systems will be described together with suspensions because these two systems are indissoluble from the point of view of designers. Knowing is not enough, We must apply. Willing is not enough, We must do. ALL the BEST T.Manokaran ME,MBA Assistant Professor Department of Mech.Engg.

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QUALITY CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the e-course material Subject Code : ME 2354 Subject : Automobile Engineering. Class : IV Year Mech. Engg. being prepared by me and it meets the knowledge requirement of the university curriculum. Signature of the Author Name: T.Manokaran ME,MBA Designation: Assistant Professor. This is to certify that the course material being prepared by Mr.T.Manokaran is of adequate quality. He has referred more than five books among them minimum one is from aborad author. Signature of HD Name: E.R.Sivakumar ME, Ph.D. SEAL

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CONTENTS Chapter Topic Page no. UNIT - I - VEHICLE STRUCTURE AND ENGINES 1.1 Introduction to Automobile or Vehicle 1 1.2 Types of Automobile 2 1.3 Vehicle construction and Components. 3 1.4 Resistances to vehicle motion. 5 1.5 Components and Nomenclature 6 1.6 Engine support systems 12 1.6.1 Cooling system. 12 1.6.2. Lubrication System. 15 UNIT – II - ENGINE AUXILIARY SYSTEMS 2.1 Introduction of Ignition System 19 2.1 Fuel Injection system for SI engines. 19 2.1.1 Carburetion and Carburetor. 19 2.1.2 The Simple Carburetor 21 2.2.3 Types of Carburetors. 27 Fuel Injection system for C I engines. 28 2.2.1 Electronic Diesel Control. 28 2.2.2 Components in Diesel Supply System. 29 2.2.3 Fuel Injector: 33 2.3 Introduction of Ignition System; 34 2.4 CRDI - Common rail fuel injection system. 41 2.5 Turbocharger. 43 2.6 Catalytic converter. 44 2.2

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