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Note for Total Quality Management - TQM By Deepak Yadav

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Quality Management LOG525: Review Lecture 2010

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Concepts • What is quality? Dictionary has many definitions: “Essential characteristic,” “Superior,” etc. • Some definitions that are accepted in various organizations: – “Quality is customer satisfaction,” – “Quality is Fitness for Use.” • What is TQM? A comprehensive, organization-wide effort to improve the quality of products and services, applicable to all organizations. 2

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Concepts • What is a customer? Anyone who is impacted by the product or process delivered by an organization. External customer: The end user as well as intermediate processors. Other external customers may not be purchasers but may have some connection with the product. Internal customer: Other divisions of the company that receive the processed product. • What is a product? The output of the process carried out by the organization. It may be goods (e.g. automobiles, missile), software (e.g. a computer code, a report) or service (e.g. banking, insurance) 3

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Concepts • How is customer satisfaction achieved? Two dimensions: Product features and Freedom from deficiencies. • Product features – Refers to quality of design. Examples in manufacturing industry: Performance, Reliability, Durability, Ease of use, Esthetics etc. Examples in service industry: Accuracy, Timeliness, Friendliness and courtesy, Knowledge of server etc. • Freedom from deficiencies – Refers to quality of conformance. Higher conformance means fewer complaints and increased customer satisfaction. (This is related to free from defects.) 4

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