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Note for Pavement Design - PD By Md_Shahjada_ Alam

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Md Shahjada Alam
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B.E. (Civil Engineering) Eight Semester (C.B.S.) Part-A (Unit-1&2) Page | 1 Pavement Analysis & Design By SHAH SIR (7888280720)

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B.E. (Civil Engineering) Eight Semester (C.B.S.) Elective:2 Pavement Analysis & Design (80/20 Marks) Theories :- 30 Marks Numericals :- 50 Marks Syllabus:UNIT - I 1) General: Structural action of flexible and rigid pavements. Characteristics of high way and airfield pavement. 2) Design parameters: Standard axle load and wheel assemblies for road vehicles. Under carriage system for aircraft, type and contact pressure, contact area, imprints, computation of ESWL for flexible and rigid pavements. Load repetitions and distributions of traffic for highway and airfield, pavement, airport traffic area. UNIT - II 3) Material characteristics: AASHO subgrade soil classification. Group index, CBR, North Dakota cone bearing value, plate load test for K, Marshal’s method of Bituminous mix design, modulus of rupture, elasticity, poisons’s ratio and coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete. Layer equivalent concepts. 4) Analysis of flexible and right pavements: stress, strain, deflection analysis for single, two three and multi layered flexible pavement system. Stress and deflections for rigid pavements due to load and temperature, influence charts, ultimate load analysis, joints. UNIT - III 5) Highway pavement design: Flexible: North Dakota cone, CBR, IRC-37, Burmister, Traiaxial (Kansas), AASHTO method of design 6) Airfield pavement design UNIT - IV 7) RIGID IRC58, PCA, AASHTO method of design, design of joints and reinforcements. Flexible: US Corps of engineering, CBR, FAA, McLeod (Canadian) Rigid PCA, FAA & LCN, Ultimate load analysis yield lines patterns method UNIT –V 8) Pavement testing and evaluation: field density, CBR, plate load test, condition surveys and surface evaluation for unevenness, rut depth, profilometers, bump integrators, Benkalman beam deflection study. Introduction to high way Design method(HDM) UNIT VI 9) Strengthening of pavements: design of flexible, composite and rigid overlays for flexible and rigid pavements, repairs, maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements. 10) Specification and cost estimate: Review of IRC/MOST/ICAO/IAAI specifications and standards for highway and airfield construction. Cost evaluation and comparative study. 11) case studies of highway and airfield pavement projects. Page | 6 Pavement Analysis & Design By SHAH SIR (7888280720)

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B.E. (Civil Engineering) Eight Semester (C.B.S.) Instructions:1. For Topper Read All Questions. 2. For On paper Read All Compulsory & Semi-Compulsory Questions. 3. For Passing Read Only Compulsory Questions. Imp Questions For Passing:- (Covers 54 Marks) S.NO. Ques No.01 Ques No.02 Ques No.03 Ques No.04 Ques No.05 Ques No.06 Page | 7 Questions Numerical Based On ESWL. Numerical based on Design Flexible Pavement By Triaxial Method. Numerical based on Design Flexible Pavement By Group Index Method. Numerical based on Bituminous Overlay. Numerical based on Design Rigid Pavement. Numerical based on Cone Bearing Value. Pavement Analysis & Design Wattage 7 Marks 13 Marks 7 Marks 7 Marks 14 Marks 6 Marks By SHAH SIR (7888280720)

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B.E. (Civil Engineering) Eight Semester (C.B.S.) Page | 8 Pavement Analysis & Design By SHAH SIR (7888280720)

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