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Note for Applied Physics - Phy by Prashasti Dwivedi

  • Applied Physics - Phy
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Prashasti Dwivedi
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Polarization ➢Interference and diffraction light a wave motion No indication longitudinal or transverse or vibrations circular or linear ➢Since, all kinds of waves under suitable conditions exhibit interference and diffraction. ➢Arago & Fresnel- light waves vibrating in mutually perpendicular planes do not interfere. ➢Thomas Young- No interference in such cases since light is a transverse wave ➢Maxwell- light waves are electromagnetic waves- transverse waves. ➢Light from a common source unpolarized

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Polarization contd. ➢State of polarization unaided human eye not detectable. ➢ important applications of polarized light in LCDs, wrist watches, calculators, TV screens, displays etc. ➢Transverse wave- medium particles oscillate up and down at right angles to the direction of propagation. e.g. ripples on water surface and waves on a rope. crests ➢Wave propagation & troughs ➢Hence, in a transverse wave direction normal to wave propagation preferential direction polarization of transverse waves

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Polarization contd. ➢Polarization not in longitudinal waves don’t possess a directional property specific only to the transverse waves ➢ electromagnetic wave a transverse wave electric & magnetic fields vibrating perpendicular to each other and to the direction of propagation. ➢ vibrating electric vector & direction of wave propagation form a plane Plane of vibration plane containing the optical vector E and the direction of propagation

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