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Note for Engineering Economics - EE By Rashika Sinha

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Course Objectives  To introduce the students to various forms of the      Information Systems and its application in organizations To expose the students to the managerial issues relating to information systems To understand decision making process in organization Enable them to identify and evaluate various options in Information Systems To Prepare engineering students to analyze cost / revenue data To make them do economic analyses in the decision making process to justify or reject alternatives / projects on an economic basis

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Course Outcomes  Understand the role of information system in modern      organization Analyze different managerial issues relating to information system Understand the role of engineering in organizational decision making process Identify various options in information system in the organization Analyze cost revenue data in engineering decisions and select the best possible alternative Perform and evaluate present worth, future worth and annual worth analyses on one of more economic alternatives

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Information System  Information – processed data  System – set of interrelated elements that works together to achieve a common goal  Information system – It is a collection of computers, network, software, hardware and people who create, store, modify and distribute data and information in any organization

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