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Note for English Communication Skills - ECS By Riyaz Pasha

  • English Communication Skills - ECS
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DEPARTMENT OF FRESHMAN ENGINEERING Evaluation Pattern The English Language Communication Skills Laboratory can be broadly classified into two: i) Computer Assisted Language Lab ii) Interactive Communication Skills Lab Internal Assessment: 25 Marks 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Two Internals will be conducted for Lab assessment. Students are advised to maintain a Record book to make a note of the activities done in the lab. 5 marks will be awarded for the same. Attendance will be taken regularly for the lab sessions for which 5 marks will be awarded. A written test for 10 marks will be conducted. Students are evaluated for 5 marks for activity. Total number of marks for Internal assessment is 25. External Examination: 50 Marks 1) External assessment is based on a 3 hour examination process. Evaluation Pattern    Theory- 20 Marks Activity- 10 Marks Viva Voce- 20 Marks ELCS Lab manual 3

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LIST OF EXERCISES 1. CALL Lab ICS Lab 2. 4. Ice Breaking Activity and JAM Session Articles, Prepositions, Word Formation-Prefixes & suffixes, Synonyms & Antonyms 11- 23 24- 33 CALL Lab Minimal Pairs- Word Accent and Stress Shifts- Listening Comprehension. 47- 52 ICS Lab Descriptions- Narrations- Giving directions and guidelines Sequence of Tenses, Question Tags and One Word Substitutes. 53- 66 Intonation and Common Errors in Pronunciation. 67- 76 Extempore- Public Speaking Active and Passive Voice, Common Errors in English, Idioms and Phrases. 77- 85 Neutralization of Mother Tongue Influence and Conversation Practice. 86- 88 Information Transfer- Oral Presentation Skills Reading Comprehension and Job Application with Resume Preparation. 89- 109 CALL Lab ICS Lab 5. 1- 10 Structure of Syllables- Past Tense Marker and Plural Marker- Weak forms and Strong forms- Consonant Clusters Situational Dialogues- Role Play- Expressions in various situations- Self introduction and introducing othersGreetings- Apologies- Requests- Social and Professional Etiquette- Telephone Etiquette Concord (Subject in agreement with Verb) and words often misspelt- confused/misused. CALL Lab ICS Lab 3. Introduction to Phonetics- Speech Sounds- Vowels and Consonants CALL Lab ICS Lab 34- 46 ELCS Lab manual 4

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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1) Students are instructed not to use pen drives during lab sessions. 2) Headphones should not be used for any other purpose except for listening to the software. 3) Students are required to be careful while handling and operating the computers. 4) Students must bring their lab manuals to the lab without fail and get them signed by the faculty-in charge. 5) Use of mobile phones during lab hours is strictly prohibited. 6) Should Wear Formal Dress only. 7) Should come to the lab in-time. 8) It is mandatory to enter your name in log-in register. 9) Should use the same system every time. 10) Students are not allowed into the lab without ID Cards. 11) All students should actively participate in the lab activities. 12) Students are evaluated based on their active participation and proper behavior. ELCS Lab manual 5

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