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Note for Probability and Statistics - PS By Riyaz Pasha

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SYLLABUS UNIT – I Probability: Sample Space, Events, Counting Sample Points, Probability of an Event, Additive Rules, Conditional Probability, Independence, and the Product Rule, Bayes’ Rule. Random Variables and Probability Distributions: Concept of a Random Variable, Discrete Probability Distributions, Continuous Probability Distributions, Statistical Independence. UNIT – II Mathematical Expectation: Mean of a Random Variable, Variance and Covariance of Random Variables, Means and Variances of Linear Combinations of Random Variables, Chebyshev’s Theorem. Discrete Probability Distributions: Introduction and Motivation, Binomial, Distribution, Geometric Distributions and Poisson distribution. UNIT – III Continuous Probability Distributions: Continuous Uniform Distribution, Normal Distribution, Areas under the Normal Curve, Applications of the Normal Distribution, Normal Approximation to the Binomial, Gamma and Exponential Distributions. Fundamental Sampling Distributions: Random Sampling, Some Important Statistics, Sampling Distributions, Sampling Distribution of Means and the Central Limit Theorem, Sampling Distribution of S2, t –Distribution, FDistribution. UNIT – IV Estimation & Tests of Hypotheses: Introduction, Statistical Inference, Classical Methods of Estimation.: Estimating the Mean, Standard Error of a Point Estimate, Prediction Intervals, Tolerance Limits, Estimating the Variance, Estimating a Proportion for single mean , Difference between Two Means, between Two Proportions for Two Samples and Maximum Likelihood Estimation. Statistical Hypotheses: General Concepts, Testing a Statistical Hypothesis, Tests Concerning a Single Mean, Tests on Two Means, Test on a Single Proportion, Two Samples: Tests on Two Proportions. UNIT - V Stochastic Processes and Markov Chains: Introduction to Stochastic processes- Markov process. Transition Probability, Transition Probability Matrix, First order and Higher order Markov process, nstep transition probabilities, Markov chain, Steady state condition, Markov analysis.

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