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E-Commerce And Erp by Sibananda Achari

Sibananda Achari
Sibananda Achari

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Notes for E-Commerce And Erp - ECOM by Sibananda Achari

Notes for E-Commerce And Erp - ECOM by Sibananda Achari

by Sibananda Achari

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Sibananda Achari

Student at Trident Academy of Technology

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E-COMMERCE (MODULE-1) Edited by: MANAV SIR (Faculty: PMEC & Research Scholar: Berhampur University) *Copyright Issue: Contents provided here are only to help engineering students of Parala Maharaja Engineering College and not for any commercial or any other use. These contents have been collected from Prof essors of various colleges an d File/Document Sharing W ebsites. Still, if there is a copyright issue with these contents then we invite them to contact us with their copyright inf ormation. W e'll remove those contents as soon as possible. Introduction: While many people use e-commerce and e-business interchangeably, they aren't the same, and the differences matter to businesses in today's economy. The "e" is short for "electronic" or "electronic network," and both words apply to business that utilizes electronic networks to conduct their commerce and other bu