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Notes for Professional Ethics - PE by DR. JANMEJAY SENAPATI

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Dr. Janmejay Senapati
Dr. Janmejay Senapati
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SCHEME OF EXAM: 1. Surprise Test: 5 marks 2. Assignment: 5 marks 3. Quiz Test: 5 marks 4. Attendance: 5 marks 5. Class Test-I: 15 marks 6. Class Test-II: 15 marks 7. University Exam.: 100 marks

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CHAPTER-I 1. Introduction to Ethics: 1.1 Basic terms- Moral, Ethics, Ethical Dilemma, Emotional Intelligence 1.2 Moral Development theories of Kohlberg and Piaget 1.3 View on Ethics by Aristotle 1.4 Governing factors of an individual's value system 1.5 Personal and Professional Ethics

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INTRODUCTION:  Ethics is a very important subject of today’s environment of conflicts and stress in the profession.  A study on ‘Professional Ethics’ will improve one’s ability and judgement and refine one’s behaviour, decisions and actions in performing the duty to the family, organisation, and to the society.

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