You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
--Your friends at LectureNotes

Our Mission

Teaching was meant to be a two way process, lets have it that way.

At LectureNotes, our mission is to enable students and teachers to interact directly through quality study materials that we provide of one of the best teachers from various institutes, in turn attempting to change the quality of education provided in the classroom which has become notes oriented. Hence, improving classroom effective time where the major focus should be on making students understand better than worrying about dictating notes for examination

Classroom should be the arena for Discussion, where learning happens by discussing concepts and facts

We believe that education is one of our basic rights and should be available to all in the cheapest possible form.

Most importantly, we do realize that we have received a lot from Mother Nature and it’s our time to pay back the debts that we owe to her. So save paper and visit LectureNotes.in.

Lecture Notes