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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
Laboratory Manual Electronic Devices & Circuits 1
FOREWORD It is my great pleasure to present this laboratory manual for second year engineering students for the subject of Electronic Devices &circuits-I to understand and visualize the basic concepts of various circuits using ICs. Electronic Devices &circuits-I covers basic concepts of electronics. This being a core subject, it becomes very essential to have clear theoretical and designing aspects. This lab manual provides a platform to the students for understanding the basic concepts of electronic devices and circuits. This practical background will help students to gain confidence in qualitative and quantitative approach to electronic circuits. Good Luck for your Enjoyable Laboratory Sessions. H.O.D ECT Dept 3
LABORATORY MANUAL CONTENTS This manual is intended for the Second Year students of ECT/IE branches in the subject of Electronic Devices & Circuits-I. This manual typically contains practical/ Lab Sessions related to Electronic Devices & Circuits covering various aspects related to the subject for enhanced understanding. Students are advised to thoroughly go through this manual rather than only topics mentioned in the syllabus as practical aspects are the key to understanding and conceptual visualization of theoretical aspects covered in the books. Good Luck for your enjoyable Laboratory Sessions. 4

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