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Analog And Digital Electronics

by Deepak SakkariDeepak Sakkari
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Deepak Sakkari
Deepak Sakkari
ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Acharya Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Road, Soladevanahalli, Bangalore – 90 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING ANALOG AND DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LAB MANUAL (15CSL37) COMPILED BY PROF. DEEPAK. S. SAKKARI ASSISTANT PROFESSOR NAME: ____________________________________________ USN: _____________________________________________ SECTION: __________________________________________
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ANALOG AND DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LAB MANUAL III SEMESTER, CS&E Contents 1. Syllabus 2. Electronic Circuits 2.1. Schmitt Trigger 2.2. Op-Amp Relaxation Oscillator 2.3. Astable Multivibrator using 555 Timer 3. Logic Design 3.1. Half / Full Adder and Half / Full Subtractor 3.2. 8:1 Multiplexer 3.3. Binary - Gray and Gray - Binary Code Converter 3.4. Parity Generator / Checker 3.5. Master-Slave J/K Flip-Flop 3.6. Synchronous Up Counters 3.7. Decade Counter + 7-Segment Display 3.8. Ramp Generator using DAC0800 4. Beyond the Syllabus 4.1. 4-bit ALU using IC-74181 5. User Guide OrCAD PSpice 6. User Guide ModelSim 7. User Guide Breadboard 8. User Guide CRO 9. Part Reference – Pin Details 10. Resistor Color Code 11. Sample Viva Questions COPYRIGHT© 2017, DEPT. OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3
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