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Lab Manual for Web Technologies - WT by Ganga Dhar

  • Web Technologies - WT
  • Practical
  • Andhra University -
  • 24 Experiments
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Ganga Dhar
Ganga Dhar
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Text from page-1

Web Technologies Lab 1. Write a program in HTML to Design a personal home page. AIM: Design a personal home page using HTML PROGRAM: Webpg.html <HTML> <FRAMESET ROWS="25%,75%"> <FRAME noresize="noresize"scrolling="no"src="firstframe.html"> <FRAMESET COLS="18%,*"> <FRAME noresize="noresize" scrolling="yes"src="frames.HTML"> <FRAME noresize="noresize" scrolling="yes"src="empty.HTML"NAME="SHOWFRAME"> </FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> </HTML> firstframe.html <html> <body background="111.jpg"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <FONT SIZE=6 FACE="monotype corisiva"COLOR="cream"><marquee><align="center"> <b>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Every day we have a new opporunity <br> Hi friends Good morning <br>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp have a good day</marqee> </p> </body> </html> Empty.html <HTML> <BODY background="122.jpg"> <p align="center"> <img src="144.jpg" height="200" width="100"> <br> <font size=5 color="#80080"face="palatino linotype"> <b>sai sampath</b> <BR></font> <img> </p> </BODY> </HTML> 1 316227720013

Text from page-2

Web Technologies Lab frames.html <HTML> <body> <pre> <Body background="100.jpg"> <A HREF=HOME.HTML TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">HOME</font></A><br> <A HREF=aboutme.html TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">ABOUT ME</font></A><br> <A HREF=EDU.HTML TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">EDUCATION</font></A><br> <A HREF=LIKES.HTML TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">LIKES</font></A><br> <A HREF=dislikes.html TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">DISLIKES</font></A><br> <A HREF=FAMILY.HTML TARGET=SHOWFRAME> <font size=3 color="black"face="impact">FAMILY</font></A><br> <A HREF=ambition.html TARGET=SHOWFRAME><font size=3 color="black"face="impact">ABMITION</font></A><br> </pre> </HTML> Home.html <html> <body bgcolor="yellow"> <p align="center"> <img src="144.jpg" height="200" width="100"> <BR> <font size=5 color="#300000"face="palatino linotype"> <B>B.SC</B></br> <B>mca</b></br> <B>ph no.0897878788898</b> <B>email:gsai.sampath@gmail.com</b> <BR></font> </img> </p> </BODY> </HTML> Aboutme.html: <HTML> <BODY> <Body background="144.jpg"> <PALIGN="CENTER"> <FONT COLOR="blue"SIZE="6"FACE="Times New Roman, Times,serif"> <U>ABOUT ME</U><BR></P> <FONTCOLOR="green"SIZE="5"FACE="monotytype corsiva"> <o1> <FONTCOLOR="blue"SIZE="5"FACE=Times New Roman"> <br> I am sampath</br> 2 316227720013

Text from page-3

Web Technologies Lab <b>s/O GOVINDA RAO</b></br> <b>Ganesh nagar</br> YELLAPUVANIPALEM</b></br> <b>gopalapatnam.ap</b></br> EDU.html <<html> <body> <body background="122.jpg"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT COLOR="#7B68ee"SIZE;="15"FACE="Times New Roman"> EDUCATION<BR></FONT> </P> <P> <FONT COLOR="#ff4500"SIZE="5"FACE="Times New Roman"> <UL> <LI>I completed my schooling from ZPH School Guntur</LI> <LI>My i did my intermediate from Adithya junior college,GAJUWAKA</LI> <LI>I completed my Gradution from ST Ann's degrr collega vizag</LI><br> <LI>I did my MCA from vigram istitute of information Technology visakhapatnam</LR><br> <LI>I am currently doing my M.tech in computer scienceand technology from sanketika vidya par</LR> </p> </BODY> </HTML> LIKES.html <html> <body> <BODY background="122.jpg"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <FONT COLOR="Blue"SIZE="12"FACE="Times New Roman. Times Serif"> <U>LIKES</U><BR></P> <FONT COLOR="red"SIZE="5"FACE="monotype corsiva"> <br>what i like in general:-<BR> <ol> <FONT COLOR="darkgreen"SIZE="5"FACE="Times New Roman"> <li>Spend time with my family & friends</li> <li>Enoviromentalism</li> <li>doing puzzels</li> <li>making handi crafats</li> <li>playing with pets</li><ol> </BODY> </HTML> DISLIKES.html <HTML> <BODY> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <FONT COLOR="BROWN"SIZE="12"FACE="IMPACT"><u> 3 316227720013

Text from page-4

Web Technologies Lab DISLIKES</u><BR></FONT> </P> <P ALIGN="LEFT"> <Body background="133.jpg"> <FONT COLOR="RED"SIZE"5"FACE="monotype corsiva"> <br>what i dislike in general:-<BR> <FONT COLOR="white"SIZE="6"FACE"="Cornic sans MS"><u1> <li>Narrow-mindedness</li> <li>C onspicuous consurnption</li> <li>Dis honesty</li> <li>Intolerance</li> <li>Intolerance</li> <li>HOLIDAY decorations</li> <li>NOSE PIERCTINGS(NOT FOND OF LIP PIERCINGS EITHER)</li> </ul> </BODY> </HTML> FAMILY.html <html> <body> <body background="122.jpg"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT COLOR=#FF3333"SIZE="12"FACE="ARIAL BALCK"> FAMILY<BR></FONT><HR> </P> <FONT COLOR=#c71585"SIZE="5"FACE="calibri Handwriting"> we are a family of our membners<br><br> My father<b>sri.G.GOVINDA RAO</b>is a farnier.<BR><BR> MY mother<b>smt.G.BHARATHI</b>is working as CC in IKP<BR><BR> my sister is younger on me<br> <b>G.SAI SAMPATH</b>is pursing MPEd<br> <br>we are a small & happy family </P> </body> </html> AMBITION.html <html><body> <Body background="122.jpg"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT COLOR="black"SIZE="IMPACT"> AMBITION<BR></FONT> </P> <P ALIGN="LEFT"> <FONT COLOR="RED"SIZE="8"FACE="calibri"> To stand unique and ond one of a kind,being mostly self dependent.<br> <br></body> </html> 4 316227720013

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