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Lab Manuals for Surveying-1 - s-1 By ANNA SUPERKINGS

  • Surveying-1 - s-1
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Anna Superkings
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CE6311 – SURVEY PRACTICAL I LIST OF EXPERIMENTS 1. Study of chains and its accessories. 2. Aligning, Ranging and Chaining. 3. Chain Traversing. 4. Compass Traversing. 5. Plane Table Surveying: Radiation. 6. Plane Table Surveying: Intersection. 7. Plane Table Surveying: Traversing. 8. Plane Table Surveying: Resection – Three point problem. 9. Plane Table Surveying: Resection – Two point problem. 10. Study of levels and leveling staff. 11. Fly leveling using Dumpy level. 12. Fly leveling using tilting level. 13. Check leveling. 14. LS and CS. 15. Contouring. 16. Study of Theodolite. www.Vidyarthiplus.com

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INDEX Ex.No 1 2 3 (a) 3 (b) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Date Name of the Experiment Marks CHAIN SURVEY Study of Chains and Its accessories Aligning, Ranging and Chaining of a line Chain Traversing – Determination of the area of the given boundary with respect to a point Chain Traversing – Determination of the area of the given boundary with respect to base line COMPASS SURVEY Compass Traversing – Closed Traversing PLANE TABLE SURVEY Plane Table Survey – Radiation Method Plane Table Survey – Intersection Method Plane Table Survey – Closed Traversing Method Plane Table Survey – Resection: Three Point Problem Plane Table Survey – Resection: Two Point Problem LEVELLING Study of Levels and Leveling Staff Fly leveling Using Dumpy Level Check leveling using Dumpy level Longitudinal and Cross sectional leveling along a road THEODOLITE SURVEY Study of Theodolite www.Vidyarthiplus.com Signature of Staff

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2 ALIGNING, RANGING AND CHAINING OF A LINE Aim To measure the distance between two points on a level ground by aligning, ranging and chaining. Instrument Required 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Chain Ranging Rod Arrows Cross staff Pegs Procedure 1. Fix the ranging rods at the given two points, where pegs are already driven on the ground. The follower stands behind station A and direct the leader with ranging rod to come in line with AB. By signals of ranging, when the ranging rod comes in the line of AB the follower direct the leader to fix ranging rod. Let the intermediate point C which should be less than 30 m. Now, the leader takes another rod and stand between A and B about 2/3 distance from A. The follower directs the leader to come line of AB by using signals of ranging, as and when the follower direct to fix the ranging rod position. Let another intermediate point D, which is less than 30 m from B. Now A, B, C and D are in one line. Now the leader and follower measure the distance. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Result The distance between A and B =

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