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Lab Manuals for Mechatronics - Mech By ANNA SUPERKINGS

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Anna Superkings
Anna Superkings
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DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME6712 – MECHATRONICS LABORATORY VII SEMESTER - R 2013 LABORATORY MANUAL Name : _______________________________________ Register No. : _______________________________________ Section : _______________________________________

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PROGRAMME EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) 1. Fundamentals To impart students with fundamental knowledge in mathematics and basic sciences that will mould them to be successful professionals 2. Core competence To provide students with sound knowledge in engineering and experimental skills to identify complex software problems in industry and to develop a practical solution for them 3. Breadth To provide relevant training and experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice which enable them to find solutions for the real time problems in industry and organization and to design products requiring interdisciplinary skills 4. Professional skills To bestow students with adequate training and provide opportunities to work as team that will build up their communication skills, individual, leadership and supportive qualities and to enable them to adapt and to work in ever changing technologies 5. Life-long learning To develop the ability of students to establish themselves as professionals in mechanical engineering and to create awareness about the need for lifelong learning and pursuing advanced degrees

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PROGRAMME OUTCOMES (POs) On completion of the B.E. (Mechanical) degree, the graduate will be able 1. To apply the basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering 2. To design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data and apply the same in the career or entrepreneurship 3. To design and develop innovative and creative software applications 4. To understand a complex real world problem and develop an efficient practical solution 5. To create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering and IT tools 6. To understand the role as a professional and give the best to the society 7. To develop a system that will meet expected needs within realistic constraints such as economical environmental, social, political, ethical, safety and sustainability 8. To communicate effectively and make others understand exactly what they are trying to tell in both verbal and written forms 9. To work in a team as a team member or a leader and make unique contributions and work with coordination 10. To engage in lifelong learning and exhibit their technical skills 11. To develop and manage projects in multidisciplinary environments

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ME6712 – MECHATRONICS LABORATORY SYLLABUS COURSE OBJECTIVES To know the method of programming the microprocessor and also the design, modeling & analysis of basic electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic systems, which enable the students to understand the concept of mechatronics LIST OF EXPERIMENTS: 1. Assembly language programming of 8085 – Addition – Subtraction – Multiplication – Division – Sorting Code Conversion. 2. Stepper motor interface. 3. Traffic light interface. 4. Speed control of DC motor. 5. Study of various types of transducers. 6. Study of hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits. 7. Modeling and analysis of basic hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical circuits using software. 8. Study of PLC and its applications. 9. Study of image processing technique. COURSE OUTCOMES Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to design mechatronics system with the help of microprocessor, PLC and other electrical and electronics circuits.

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