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Manufacturing Technology- 1

by Anna SuperkingsAnna Superkings
Type: PracticalInstitute: ANNA UNIVERISTY Specialization: Mechanical EngineeringOffline Downloads: 3Views: 70Uploaded: 4 months ago

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Anna Superkings
Anna Superkings
SAFETY PRECAUTION 1. Always wear uniform, shoes and gloves for safety 2. Never operate any machines until you have been instructed properly 3. Always wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying chips. 4. Never hold the job when the machine runs. 5. Never give heavy cut on longer job 6. Never change the gear and belt when the machine is running 7. Always use the correct size spanner and tool for fitting and removing of tool 8. Never try to clear the chips when the machine is running 9. To prevent accident, clean the spilled oil and grease immediately 10. Always clear the area around the machine and machine tool surface 11. Leather shoes or boots with steel toes are recommended. 12. No open toed shoes or sandals are allowed in the shop. 13. Do not wear loose clothing. Cotton clothes are best to wear. 14. Remove all jewelry and tie back long hair. 15. Do not operate any machine equipment unless you have been instructed on its proper use and the safety risks involved with the machining operation. 16. Do not leave any machinery or power tools running and unattended. 17. Clean up metal shavings, oil, etc. from machine tools after use; pick up after yourself and return tools to their proper storage area. 18. Wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing. 2
19. Don’t run, push or surprise other students. No horse play will be tolerated 20. Don't eat, drink, or smoke, in the laboratory 21. Always listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions. 22. Do not run in the workshop, you could ‘bump’ into another pupil and cause an accident. 23. Know where the emergency stop buttons are positioned in the workshop. If you see an accident at the other side of the workshop you can use the emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power to machines. 24. Always wear an apron as it will protect your clothes and hold loses clothing such as ties in place.. 25. When attempting practical work all stools should be put away. 26. Bags should not be brought into a workshop as people can trip over them. 27. When learning how to use a machine, listen very carefully to all the instructions given by the teacher. Ask questions, especially if you do not fully understand. 28. Do not use a machine if you have not been shown how to operate it safely by the teacher. 29. Always be patient, never rush in the workshop. 30. Always use a guard when working on a machine. 31. Keep hands away from moving/rotating machinery. 32. Use hand tools carefully, keeping both hands behind the cutting edge. 33. Report any damage to machines/equipment as this could cause an accident. 3

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