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Lab Manuals for Computer Aided Drafting and Modelling - CADM By ANNA SUPERKINGS

  • Computer Aided Drafting and Modelling - CADM
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  • Anna university - ACEW
  • Civil Engineering
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Anna Superkings
Anna Superkings
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INDEX EXPT. NO 1 2 DATE NAME OF THE EXPERIMENT Study of Capabilities of Software for Drafting and Modeling – Coordinate Systems Drawing of a Title Block with necessary Text and Projection Symbol. Drawing of Curves 3 a) Parabola b) Spiral c) Involutes Drawing of Front View And Top View Of Simple Solids 4 a) Prism b) Pyramid c) Cylinder d) Cone Drawing Front View, Top View And Side View a) V-Block 5 b) Base Of A Mixie c) Simple Stool d) Objects With Hole And Curves 6 Drawing of a Plan of Residential Building 7 Drawing of a Simple Steel Truss Drawing Sectional Views a) Prism 8 b) Pyramid c) Cylinder d) Cone STAFF SIGN REMARKS

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9 Drawing Isometric Projection of Simple Objects 10 Creation Of 3-D Models of Simple Objects 11 Obtaining 2-D Multi-View Drawings from 3-D Model

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ANNA UNIVERSITY-CHENNAI Regulation 2013 GE6261 COMPUTER AIDED DRAFTING AND MODELING LABORATORY OBJECTIVES: To develop skill to use software to create 2D and 3D models. LIST OF EXERCISES USING SOFTWARE CAPABLE OF DRAFTING AND MODELING 1. Study of capabilities of software for Drafting and Modeling – Coordinate systems (absolute, relative, polar, etc.) – Creation of simple figures like polygon and general multiline figures. 2. Drawing of a Title Block with necessary text and projection symbol. 3. Drawing of curves like parabola, spiral, involute using Bspline or cubic spline. 4. Drawing of front view and top view of simple solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, and dimensioning. 5. Drawing front view, top view and side view of objects from the given pictorial views (Ex. V-block, Base of a mixie, Simple stool, Objects with hole and curves). 6. Drawing of a plan of residential building (Two bed rooms, kitchen, hall, etc.) 7. Drawing of a simple steel truss. 8. Drawing sectional views of prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, 9. Drawing isometric projection of simple objects. 10. Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view drawings from 3D model. TOTAL HOURS=60Hrs Note: Plotting of drawings must be made for each exercise and attached to the records written by students.

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