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Lab Manuals for Physics - Phy By ANNA SUPERKINGS

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Anna Superkings
Anna Superkings
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VALLIAMMAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE SRM NAGAR, KATTANKULATHUR – 603 203 PHYSICS PRACTICALS MANUAL  GE6163 ­ PHYSICS LABORATORY­I (First semester B.E/B.Tech. students for the Academic Year 2015-2016) Prepared by Dr.H.Krishnan, Dr.M.Anbuchezhiyan, Dr.S.Karthikeyan, Dr. K.Sarojini, Dr.K.Thiruppathi,Mrs. D. Praveena, , Mrs.S.Gandhimathi, Mrs. R. Nithya Balaji, Mrs. R. Sasireka, Ms. S. Sowmiya Department of Physics (Private circulation only)

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VALLIAMMAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE SRM NAGAR, KATTANKULATHUR – 603 203 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Instructions to the students The following instructions must be followed by the students in their laboratory classes. 1. Students are expected to be punctual to the lab classes. If they are late, they will be considered absent for that particular session. 2. Students should strictly maintain the dress code (i.e.) they have to wear the white lab coat with black shoes. 3. Students must bring their observation note, record note (completed with previous experiment) and the calculator to every lab class without fail. 4. Students are advised to come with full preparation for their lab sessions by (i) Reading the detailed procedure of the experiment from the laboratory manual. (ii) Completion of observation note book (i.e.) Aim, Apparatus required, Formula (with description), least count calculation, diagrams and the tabular column should be written in the observation note before entering into the laboratory. 5. Data entry in the observation note book must be by pen only. 6. Students must get attestations immediately for their observed readings. 7. Students should complete their calculations for their experiments and get it corrected on the same day of that experiment. 8. Students who miss observation, record note they have to do the experiment once again and get it corrected. 9. Class assessment marks for each experiment is based only on their performance in the laboratory. 10. Record note has to be completed then and there and get corrected when the students are coming for the next lab class. 11. Students must strictly maintain silence during lab classes. 12. If any of the students is absent for the lab class for genuine reasons, he/she will be permitted to do the experiment during the repetition class only. 13. Students are advised to perform their experiments under safety care. 14. If any student is found causing damage to the lab equipments, he/she shall replace the same with a new.

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CONTENTS S. No EXPERIMENTS PAGE NO. 1 a) Determination of wavelength and particle size using laser. b) Determination of acceptance angle in an optical fiber. 2 2 Determination of velocity of sound and compressibility of liquid - Ultrasonic interferometer. 10 3 Determination of wavelength of prominent lines of Hg spectrum - Spectrometer grating. 16 4 Determination of thermal conductivity of a bad conductor Lee’s disc method. 22 5 Determination of Young’s modulus by Non-uniform bending method. 28 -  Data of Physical Constants & Standard Values - Viva Questions & Answers 32 Annexure

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L Valliammai Engineering College, Department Physics D Figure 1.1 Laser Grating Experiment Determination of wavelength of laser Distance between the grating and the screen (D) =…….cm Number of lines in grating per metre (N) =………..lines / metre Readings of the diffracted image Unit cm Mean θ = = tan-1 Distance of different Orders (xn) from the central spot Right side = tan-1 Distance of different Orders (xn) from the central spot S.No Order of diffraction Left side cm 1 x1 = x1 = 2 x2 = x2 = 3 x3= x3 = 4 x4= x4= λ= (nm)  Mean wavelength of the given laser λ= Exp. 1 (1) Page | 1

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