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Lab Manuals for Power Electronics and Drives - Power Electronics By ANNA SUPERKINGS

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Anna Superkings
Anna Superkings
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VALLIAMMAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur - 603203 DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING EE6611 - Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory LAB MANUAL VI Semester - Electrical and Electronics Engineering Academic Year 2016-2017 Even Semester (2013 Regulation) Prepared by, Mr.S.PadhmanabhaIyappan/AP-Sr.G Ms.P.Bency/AP-O.G Ms.R.V.Preetha/AP-O.G Mr.P.Tamilarasan/AP-O.G Ms.K.Durgadevi/AP-O.G Ms.P.Yamuna/ T.R.A 1

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General Instructions to students for EEE Lab courses  Be punctual to the lab class.  Attend the laboratory classes wearing the prescribed uniform and shoes.  Avoid wearing any metallic rings, straps or bangles as they are likely to prove dangerous at times.  Girls should put their plait inside their overcoat  Boys students should tuck in their uniform to avoid the loose cloth getting into contact with rotating machines.  Acquire a good knowledge of the surrounding of your worktable. Know where the various live points are situated in your table.  In case of any unwanted things happening, immediately switch off the mains in the worktable.  This must be done when there is a power break during the experiment being carried out.  Before entering into the lab class, you must be well prepared for the experiment that you are going to do on that day.  You must bring the related text book which may deal with the relevant experiment.  Get the circuit diagram approved.  Prepare the list of equipments and components required for the experiment and get the indent approved.  Plan well the disposition of the various equipments on the worktable so that the experiment can be carried out.  Make connections as per the approved circuit diagram and get the same verified. After getting the approval only supply must be switched on.  For the purpose of speed measurement in rotating machines, keep the tachometer in the extended shaft. Avoid using the brake drum side.  Get the reading verified. Then inform the technician so that supply to the worktable can be switched off.  You must get the observation note corrected within two days from the date of completion of experiment. Write the answer for all the discussion questions in the observation note. If not, marks for concerned observation will be proportionately reduced.  Submit the record note book for the experiment completed in the next class.  If you miss any practical class due to unavoidable reasons, intimate the staff in charge and do the missed experiment in the repetition class.  Such of those students who fail to put in a minimum of 75% attendance in the laboratory class will run the risk of not being allowed for the University Practical Examination. They will have to repeat the lab course in subsequent semester after paying prescribed fee.  Use isolated supply for the measuring instruments like CRO in Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory experiments. 3

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