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Lab Manual for Strength Of Materials - SOM by UMA MAHESWARA RAO KATURI

  • Strength Of Materials - SOM
  • Practical
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB MANUAL B.Tech II Year – I SEM NAME: ________________________________________ ROLL NO: _____________________________________ BRANCH: ______________________________________ DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Department of Civil 1

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STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB CONTENTS Sl.No. Experiment Page No Evaluation of Laboratory Marks Internal 1 Evaluation of Laboratory Marks End Exams 3 Lab code 4 Introduction 5 1. Hardness / Rockwell Hardness Test 6-12 2. Izod & Charpy Impact Test 13-15 3. Bending Test On A Simply Supported Beam 16-21 4. Bending Test On A Cantilever Beam 22-26 5. Spring Test 27-31 6. Torsion Test 32-35 7. Tension Test 36-43 8. Shear test 44-44 9. Compressive strength on concrete 45-46 10. Verification of Maxwell’s reciprocal theorem 47-48 Department of Civil 2

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Evaluation of Laboratory Marks for II Year (Internal Exams) 1. The internal lab examination schedules will be given by the Examination Branch. 2. During a year there will be three lab exams and each exam will be evaluated for 25 marks. 3. Average of three lab exams will be the final internal lab exam marks. 4. First laboratory exam will be conducted on First 1/3 of the total number of experiments, Second Laboratory Exam will be conducted on the Second 1/3 of experiments and the Third Laboratory Exam will be conducted on the last 1/3 of experiments. The evaluation is as follows I. Continuous evaluation II. Internal Laboratory Exam - 15 marks 10 marks I. Continuous Evaluation a) Day to day evaluation - 10 marks Each experiment / program will be evaluated for 10 marks. The splitting of marks is as follows b) i) Attendance 2 marks The student should attend the lab regularly; if he/she is absent he/she will be losing 2 marks. ii) Experiments / program and observation The student should complete the program / experiment within the assigned time otherwise he / she will be losing 2 marks. iii) Experiment result will carry 4 marks. iv) Record 2 marks Student must submit the record in the next lab session. v) Average marks of the Half of the experiments will be considered for day to day evaluation for 10 marks separately for lab examination one and two. Lab knowledge Test (Quiz) 5 marks 1. A quiz will be conducted along with the internal lab exam and schedule will be given separately. 2. The quiz will be conducted for 20 minutes. The quiz contains 20 questions of type multiple choice. Each question carrying 0.25 marks. Department of Civil 3

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II. Internal laboratory examination - 10 marks a) Exam The Splitting of marks as follows i) Experiments / Program write up ii) Result and Graphs - 7 marks - 4 marks 3 marks Viva Voce - 3 marks 1. The internal lab examination duration - 2 hours b) 2. Every student will be given programs / experiments in the internal lab exam. In case the student wishes to change the programs / experiments 1 mark will be deducted. A time slot of 45 minutes is given for write up of programs / experiments. 3. The student is expected to complete the assigned program / experiment within 1 hour and the remaining 15 minutes will be utilized for viva voce examination. 5. There shall be no supplementary exams in case the student fails to attend internal lab and quiz exam as per schedule. Department of Civil 4

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