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Lab Manuals for Engineering Workshop - EW By ajit sahu

  • Engineering Workshop - EW
  • Practical
  • Govt polytechnic balangir - GpBlgr
  • Electrical Engineering
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Ajit Sahu
Ajit Sahu
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Engineering Work Shop Department of Mechanical Engineering Page 2

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Engineering Work Shop Department of Mechanical Engineering CONTENTS Instructions for Laboratory S.No. Experiment ……….4 Page no. 1. BLACKSMITHY 6 2. CARPENTRY 13 3. FITTING 22 4. FOUNDRY 31 5. TINSMITHY 42 6. WELDING 50 7. HOUSEWIRING 61 8. PUMBLING 69 9. POWER TOOLS 74 Page 3

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Engineering Work Shop Department of Mechanical Engineering Instructions for Laboratory  The objective of the laboratory is learning. The experiments are designed to illustrate phenomena in different areas of Workshop and to expose you to uses of instruments. Conduct the job with interest and an attitude of learning.  You need to come well prepared for the job.  Work quietly and carefully (the whole purpose of experimentation is to make reliable measurements!) and equally share the work with your partners.  All presentations of job and diagram should be neatly and carefully done.  Diagrams should be neatly drawn with pencil. Always display units.  Come equipped with scales, pencils etc.  Do not fiddle idly with apparatus. Handle instruments with care. Report any breakage to the Instructor. Return all the equipment you have signed out for the purpose of your experiment. Page 4

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