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Lab Manual for Advanced Structural Analysis - ASA by ABHISHEK KUMAR

  • Advanced Structural Analysis - ASA
  • Practical
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INDEX 1. Syllabus 2. Rational behind the INTELLIGENT SYSTEM lab 3. Hardware/Software Requirement 4. Practicals conducted in the lab 5. References 6. New ideas besides University Syllabus 7. FAQs

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SYLLABUS CSE-306-F L T P 2 Class Work: 25 Exam: 25 Total: 25 Duration of Exam: 3 Hrs. 1. Study of PROLOG. 2. Write the following programs using PROLOG: 3. Write a program to solve 8-queens problem. 4. Solve any problem using depth first search. 5. Solve any problem using best first search. 6. Solve 8- puzzle problem using best first search. 7. Solve Robot (traversal) problem using means End Analysis. 8. Solve Traveling Salesman problem. Note: At least 5 to 10 more exercises to be given by the teacher concerned.

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RATIONAL BEHIND THE COVERAGE This lab is basically suited for problems that involve OBJECTS – in particular, STRUCTURED OBJECTS – and relations between them. Prolog is a programming language centered around a small set of basic mechanisms, including • Pattern matching • Tree based data structuring • Automatic back tracking. This small set constitutes a surprisingly powerful and flexible programming framework. Constraint logic programming(CLP), usually implemented as a part prolog system .CLP extends prolog with constraint processing which has proved in practice to be an exceptionally flexible tool for problems like SCHEDULING and LOGISTIC PLANNING

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