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Previous Year Exam Questions of Fluid Mechanics And Fluid Power Engineering of IITKGP - FMFP by Verified Writer

  • Fluid Mechanics And Fluid Power Engineering - FMFP
  • 2018
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Registration No: Total Number of Pages: 03 B.Tech. PPD5J002 5th Semester Regular Examination 2017-18 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Engineering BRANCH: MANUFAC, MANUTECH, PE Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 100 Q.CODE: B532 Answer Question No.1 and 2 which are compulsory and any four from the rest. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Q1 a) b) Answer the following questions: multiple type or dash fill up type The total energy line lies over the hydraulic gradient line by an amount equal to the (i)Pressure head (ii)Velocity head (iii)Pressure head + velocity head (iv)Pressure head - velocity head The kinematic viscosity is the (i) ratio of absolute viscosity to the density of the liquid (ii) ratio of density of the liquid to the absolute viscosity (iii) product of absolute viscosity and density of the liquid (iv) product of absolute viscosity and mass of the liquid c) Euler's equation in the differential form for the motion of liquids is given by (i)dp/ + g.dz +v.dv = 0 (ii)dp/ - g.dz +v.dv = 0 (iii)ρ.dp + g.dz + v.dv = 0 (iv)ρ.dp - g.dz + v.dv = 0 d) Which of the following is an example of laminar flow? (i) Underground flow (ii) Flow past tiny bodies (iii) Flow of oil in measuring instruments (iv) All of these What is the correct formula for absolute pressure? (i) Pabs = Patm – Pgauge (ii) Pabs = Pvacuum – Patm (iii) Pabs = Pvacuum + Patm (iv) Pabs = Patm+ Pgauge The coefficient of viscosity may be determined by Capillary tube method (ii) Orifice type viscometer (iii) Rotating cylinder method (iv) All of these A manometer is used to measure (i) Low pressure (ii) Moderate pressure (iii) High pressure (iv) Atmospheric pressure The Bernoulli's equation is based on the assumption that (i) There is no loss of energy of the liquid flowing (ii) The velocity of flow is uniform across any cross-section of the pipe (iii) No force except gravity acts on the fluid (iv) All of the above e) f) g) h) (2 x 10)

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i) j) Q2 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) Q3 a) Discharge of a centrifugal pump is (i) Directly proportional to diameter of its impeller (ii) Inversely proportional to diameter of its impeller (iii) Directly proportional to (diameter)2 of its impeller (iv) Inversely proportional to (diameter)2 of its impeller In a reaction turbine, the draft tube is used (i) To run the turbine full (ii) To prevent air to enter the turbine (iii) To increase the head of water by an amount equal to the height of the runner outlet above the tail race (iv) To transport water to downstream Answer the following questions: Short answer type Explain Rheology curve for Fluid. Define Reynold’s number. What is the importance of Reynold’s number in fluid flow. Write and explain hydrostatic law of fluid. Write down the difference between impulse turbine and reaction turbine Write and explain equilibrium condition of submerged bodies. Write down assumptions of Bernoulli’s equation A fluid flow field is given by V =x2yi + y2z j – (2xyz+yz2) k ; prove that it is a case of possible steady incompressible fluid flow. What is Cavitation? How it can be avoided. Explain Priming in centrifugal pump Explain the functions of air vessels in a reciprocating pump. A single column manometer is connected to a pipe containing a liquid of sp. gr. 0.9as shown in Fig. a. Find the pressure in the pipe if the area of the reservoir is 100 times the area of the tube for the manometer shown in Figure (a). Take specific gravity of mercury is 13.6. (2 x 10) (10) Figure (a) Q4 b) State and prove Pascal’s law (5) a) Two large plane surfaces are 2.4 cm apart and the space between surfaces is filled with glycerin. What force is required to drag a very thin plate of surface area 0.5 square meter between the two large plane surfaces at a speed of 0.6 m/s if (i) the thin plate is in the middle of the two plane surfaces and (ii)the thin plate is at a distance of 0.8 cm from one of the plane surface? Take dynamic viscosity of glycerin =8 x 10—1 N-s/m2 Define Viscosity. Explain how temperature affects “viscosity” of the fluid. (10) Derive Euler equation of motion along a stream line. Also derive Bernoulli’s equation from Euler equation. Write short note on : (i) Hydraulic efficiency (ii) Volumetric efficiency (10) A 30 cm diameter pipe conveying water branches into two pipes of diameters 20 cm and 15 cm respectively. If the average velocity in 30 cm diameter pipe is 2.5 m/s, find discharge in the pipe. Also determine the velocity in 15 cm pipe if average velocity in 20 cm diameter pipe is 2 m/s. What is NPSH? What is the function of NPSH? (10) b) Q5 a) b) Q6 a) b) (5) (5) (5)

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Q7 a) b) Q8 a) b) Q9 a) b) The expression for the velocity potential function () is given by  = - (xy3/3)-x2+ (x3y/3) + y2 where x, y are function of space. (i) Calculate velocity component along x and y direction. (ii)Show that stream function indicates a possible case of flow. Define: Velocity potential function ().Stream Function() , Equipotential Line (10) A pelton wheel is to be designed for working under a head of 380 meter and runs at 750 r.p.m. The turbine developed a shaft power of 11,772 KW. The overall efficiency of the turbine is 85 %, Jet ratio=6, co-efficient of velocity = 0.9.85 and speed ratio = 0.45. Determine (i) Runner diameter (ii) Jet diameter (iii) Number of jets required (iv) Number of buckets on the wheel Define : Hydraulic Grade line(HGL), Total Energy Line (TEL) (10) A centrifugal pump delivers water against a net head of 14.5 meters and a designed speed of 1000 rpm. The vanes are curved back to an angle of 300 with the periphery. The impeller diameter is 300 mm and outlet width is 50 mm. Determine the discharge of the pump if manometric efficiency is 95%. Write down difference between centrifugal pump and reciprocating pump. (10) (5) (5) (5)

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