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Previous Year Exam Questions for Internet Technologies and Applications - ITA of 2017 - bput by Verified Writer

  • Internet Technologies and Applications - ITA
  • 2017
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Registration no: Total Number of Pages: 03 B.Tech FECE6405 8th Semester Regular / Back Examination 2016-17 INTERNET TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS BRANCH(S): BIOMED, ECE, ETC Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 70 Q.CODE: Z155 Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Q1 Answer the following questions: (2 x 10) What is HTTP? Why it is called as a stateless protocol? Define and differentiate between dynamic and static HTML webpage. What is the difference between GET and POST method? Write the syntax to include an image in a web page with providing at least 4 attributes. e) What is the purpose of eval( ) and instanceOf in javascript ? f) Explain at least 2 attributes of <link> tag. g) What is NaN? Explain. h) Differentiate between local and remote applet? i) What is defined by <!doctype> in HTML ? j) How .css file is referred in the webpage? a) b) c) d) Q2 a) What is a web server? Explain the basic client server architecture with a suitable diagram. b) Design a web page to show information about your college and it will have 3 hyper links to two other pages. Each of these pages will display information about a specific department. Each of these pages will be having minimum three hyperlinks – (5) (5) i. First hyperlink to the home page ii. Second hyperlink for mail to HODs of respective department iii. Third hyperlink to download notes of different subjects. Q3 1 (6) Page a) Design a form as per the given format that can be used in an institution as a student registration form.

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b) Design a web page containing a HTML table which uses ‘colspan’, ‘rowspan’, ‘cellpadding’ and ‘cellspacing’ tags. (4) a) Write a Java Script code to accept a number from user and check whether that number is prime or not. (5) b) How to use arrays in Java Script? Explain at least four different methods of Array object in Java Script by giving a proper example. (5) a) Design a web page using frame which divides the browser window in to 2 columns. Design the page using appropriate tags such that the left column of the page includes 3 links. On clicking these links the targeted pages should appear on the right side column. (5) b) What do you mean by an exception? Give a HTML code to show the use of try, catch….throw in java script. (5) Q4 Page 2 Q5

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Q6 a) Explain the different ways to include styles in a HTML page. (5) b) Why CGI is used? Write the advantages and disadvantages of CGI. Show how testing and debugging is done in Perl CGI script with a suitable example. (5) a) What is DOM? What are the symbols used in a DOM tree? Draw the DOM tree for the given HTML code. (5) Q7 <html><head> <title> DOM </title> </head> <body> <p> Good Morning </p> <b> <i> Have a nice day </i> </b> </body></html> b) Why Java Applets are used? Explain the life cycle of applet in detail? Write short notes an any two: a) URL and ISP (5 x 2) b) Boolean Object c) Variables in PERL 3 d) Different Selectors in CSS Page Q8 (5)

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