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Previous Year Exam Questions of Building Materials and Building Construction of AKTU - BMBC by Anil Kohli

  • Building Materials and Building Construction - BMBC
  • 2017
  • PYQ
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University - AKTU
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 1 year ago
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Sub Code: RCE301 Printed pages: 02 0 0 0 7 Paper Id: Roll No: BTECH (SEM III) THEORY EXAMINATION 2017-18 BUILDING MATERIAL & CONSTRUCTION Time: 3 Hours Notes: • • Total Marks: 70 Attempt all Sections. Assume any missing data. SECTION -A 1. Attempt all question in brief. (2x7=14) a) What is Fat lime? b) Discuss about Lime Bursting. c) Define Enamel Paints. d) Differentiate between English Bond and Flemish Bond. e) What is the function of Lintels. f) What do you mean by the word Door ? g) Explain the term 10 WT 13. 2. SECTION -B Attempt any three parts of the following (7x3=21) (a) Discuss Bogue’s compound of cement . Also write the chemical composition of cement. (b) What are the constituent, desirable properties and types of Paints? (c) Discuss the various techniques and methods of Damp Prevention. (d) Discuss about Pitched Roof with neat sketch. (e) Discuss about the traps used in sanitary plumbing. SECTION -C 3. Attempt any one part of the following (7x1=7) (a) What are different characteristics of stones and their methods of testing. Write the name of various types of stones which are used in building work? (b) What do you mean by efflorescence of Brick and how will you classify the efflorescence in Brick?

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4. Attempt any one part of the following (7x1=7) (c) Describe the various ingredients of plastic. Also discuss the different mechanical properties of Plastic. (d) Discuss the properties, ingredients and uses of glass in building construction. 5. Attempt any one part of the following (7x1=7) (e) Write about the various requirements of a good staircase. How are the trade and riser are proportioned? (f) Write a note on soil treatment for termite. 6. Attempt any one part of the following (7x1=7) (g) Discuss various technical terms used in Doors. (h) What is the classification of lintels? 7. Attempt any one part of the following (7x1=7) (i) Define the term ventilation. Discuss the factor which affect ventilation? Which point should be kept in mind while planning ventilation in public building. (j) What is the difference between a lift and escalator? What are the functional requirement of a lift in building?

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