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Previous Year Exam Questions for Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1 of 2015 - AKTU by Rishav Khatri

  • Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1
  • 2015
  • PYQ
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University - AKTU
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Section-B Attempt any five questions from this section.(10x5:50) 2. Using the method of consistent deformation determine the reaction of a propped cantilever beam shown in Fig.3 stiffness(k) of spring is 800kN lm and EI of beam is 3 x l0rokNirnm2 B [+*161-* -***---.1 3. f, Fig -3 Find support moments for the beam shown in Fig. Aby slope deflection method. 15kl{lm l*** |*** 4. e,.,, er.n **-.+{$"sffi1+*1.5ffi*q **_-*:l$"5ffi1.+*1.5ffi*q Fig "4 Prove that horzontal thrust developed due to a point load W acting at crown in a two hinged semicircular arch of radius 'R' is independent of its radius. Consider EI as constant. 18200 (3) P.T.O.

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r I I i 5. Draw the influence line diagram for Mo and Mu for the uniform cross-section rigid joint frame shown in Fig. 5. The unit load crosses the frame fiom A to B. ?.5m Fig -5 6. A cable is suspended between two points at the same level with a central dip of l2mover a span of 120 m and carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity 2 kN/m of horizontal length. Calculate the change in horizontal tension if the temperature rises by 2A 0F the from wlm L 7 . Fig -s Using flexibility matrix method find reaction at supports -.t in following beam of Fig.6. Take EI as constant. r 82oo (4) NCEsO4/ECE5O4

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r fI ; 8. Find shape factor ofhollow circular section as shown in Fig7. IffiIFs7 9. Find plastic moment capacity of following beam in Fig.8. Take load factor of 1.5. The loads acting on beam are working loads. 4*kN eskfit 3m 2m Fig I Section-C Attempt any two questions fiom this 10. section. (15x2:30) Analyze the beam shown in Fig.9 by stiffness matrix method. Take EI as constant. 6kN/m L0kN ,{ c 18200 (s) Figs P.T.O.

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11. A suspension bridge of 100 m span has two three hinged stiffening girder supported by two cables having central dip 10m. The dead load on bridge is 5 kN/m2 , and live load is 10 kN/m? which covers left half of span only. Find SF and BM at} mfrom left end if road way is 6m wide. 12. Analyze the frame shorvn in Fig. 10 by moment distribution method. Take EI as constant. 40kN + I {<- 3m ---* Fig -3.0 -x- 1 8200 (6) NCE5O4/ECE504

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