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Previous Year Exam Questions of CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY of AKTU - CT by Rishav Khatri

  • 2016
  • PYQ
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University - AKTU
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Printed Pages: 4 NCE.603 (Following Paper ID and RoII hlo. to be filled in your Answer Books) B.TECH. Theory Examination (Semester-Vf) 20 I 5-1 6 CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT Mox" Marlw Time: 3 Hours : 100 Section-A L. Attempt all parts. All parts carry equal rnarks. trMrite (2x10:24) answer of each part in short. (a) (b) State the objectives of integrated project management" What are the important stages in the planning of a project? (c) How is the milestone chart an improvement over the bar (d) List out the classification of scheduling. (e) How you can calculate the earliest expected time and latest allowable occlrrrence time in PERT? (0 Illustrate the CPM technique as used in scheduling a constnrction project.

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(g) methd for zubmitting the periodical reports for effective control through c?M. Suggest a suitable (h) What arc the main objectives of cost control srytery? (r) Differentiate betrnreen CPM and 0) lVrite down the advantages of Hoisting equipments. PERT. l .;, Section-B 2. '4 Attempt any 5 question$ from thls section, (10x5:50) What are the different tpes of organizational stuctures? Outline in brief the characteristics, advantages and disadv antages of each stnrcture. (b) In what respect does the functional organizationdiffer from the line-and-staff organization ? (c) Discuss in details about the (d) Illustrates the relationship between 'timeo and 'cost'. (e) Write short notes on \- : (, Networkcomparisons (ii) Project cost analysis limitatioT of a bar chart.

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: , (S) Discuss elements of cost control and its importance. (h) How are cost control systems classified? Explain. (i) Write down the elements of Tender preparation. Section-C Note : Attempt any 2 question$ from this section. (15 x 3. (a) 2:30) Explain: 'work breakdown structure', propare the work breakdown structure for the launching of a communication satellite. Assums the activities suitably. (b) A target date of completion is to be forecast based on the following infurmation : ItemA takes 7 weels for ItemB takes 5 weelcs, Item C completion depends on the completion ofbothAaod B and requires 3 weeks Item D follows.up of it€m C and rquires 2 weeks Prepare a bar chart and mile stone chart for scheduhng the completion date. ')-^,. ..

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IIT* I 4. (a) The time estimates for the activity RQ and R in a project are as follows : (, Activity to tm tp P 10 t2 l4 a 6 8 t2 R 5 10 l2 Determine the expected time and variance of each activity. (ii) (b) 5. Which activity has rnore reliable time estimates? Discuss briefly about cash flow forecasting. (a) Explain in details about different types of confiactand their relative advantages and disadvantages. (b) Explain the following with neat sketch: (, Haulingequiprnents (ii) Conveying equiPments (uD Ttnureling equiPments : a "'!ry!ryq(m,ilit1

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