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Previous Year Exam Questions for ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS AND MEASURING INSTRUMENTS - EMMI of 2016 - AKTU by Rishav Khatri

  • 2016
  • PYQ
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University - AKTU
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Printed pages: 4 (Following paper NEE3O2/EEE3OzAEE3O4 II) and RoII No. to be filled in your Answer Book) Roll No. (sEIvI' IIf) THE0RY ExAIVIINATI0N, z*ts- I 6 ELECTRICAL MEASURIVTENT & MEA*UR,*G INSTRUMENTS [Time:3 hoursf [Total Marksrl00l Section A I ' Atternpt all questions frorn the following : (10x2: 20) (a) Differentiate between accuracy and precision. (b) what limitations were overcome De-Sauty's Bridge (c) by rnodified ? Give the range formeasufinent oflow, mediurn and high resistance. (d) what is the need of standardi zation of potentiometers (e) Ac ? Three resistors have the following ratings R,:2000 tso/o,&:rooe t q*or: : 5%, tsoh. Deterrnine the magnitude of resultant resistance and limiting errors in % and in ohms resistances are connected in series. I 0800 (1) if the P.T.O.

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(0 cornpare digital instruments with analog instruments. (g) (h) Define burden of instrument transfoffiners. Discuss the advantage oflloyd Fisher squ areover Epstein square. (i) fi) Why the secon dary of current transforner should never be open while the primary winding is energized? What Lissajous pattern will appear on screen when two eqaul voltages ofequal frequency but with gA% phase displacernent are applied to a cRo ? Section B Affempt any five questions from the section: (5x10-50) 2- (a) Explain the construction and working of electrodynamometer Upe wattmeter, (b) What are the different sources of errors in electrodynarnometer type wattmeter ? How these errors can be corrected ? 3 - (a) Discuss different detectors used in a.c. bridges. Enumerate different methods for the measurment of inductance. (b) 1 0800 Derive balance equation of Anderson's Bridge r along with its phasor diagram. Mention advantages and disadvantages ofthis bridge. (2) r.{EE302/EEE302/FjE304

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4- (a) (b) 5. (a) (b) Explain the concept behind digital measurunents. Describe the working of ramp type DVM with suitable diagam. Describe the constructilion and working of fluxmeter. Prove that the flux is proportional to the deflection of flux-meter. 6. (a) 7 Describe various effors in energy meter. How are they eliminated? (b) Explain why splitting is not necessary in this case while in single phase power factor meter phase splitting has to be done necessary by using R in one circuit and L in other circuit of moving coils. . (a) Describe how high currents and voltages are Ineasured with the help of instrument transforrners. Draw diagram to illustrate your answer. (b) Derive the expression for ratio and phase error in case of current transforTner. 8. Describe the construction and working of Weston type . frequency rneter for the measufinent of frequency. (a) Explain the working of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 9(cRo). (b) 1 0800 Discuss the differences between dual scope and dual bearn CRO. (3) P.T.O.

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Sectiom C Atternpt any fevo questions from this section.(I5x2:30) 10. (a) Disfinguish befween the null fype and deflecting type of instrumentscite exarnpres to supprt your answer. (b) (c) I 1' (a) (b) (c) Discuss the role of null fype instrument in the rneasurrnent of low range resistances. Derive the condition for balance with suitable crcuit diagram ofKelvin,s Double bridge. Descrihe the construction and worki*g of a polar flpe potentiometer. are the functions of rransfer instrument and ]ntl tne phase shifting transformer Explain how iron losses can be measured in specirnen trrrough wattmeter rnethoJ, 12' (a) |t::nbewithphasordiagrarn, oe rneasured (b) ? how capacitance can by Schering bridge. what is the concept behind digital measurrnent urdw the block diagrarn ofDigital rnultimeter. h _x_ 10800 a (4) I{EE3 O2/EEE3O2,EE3O4 ?

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